January 29, 2023
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Album Reviews

Tales From the Darkside

Psychoetry & King Gordy

Psychoetry is a hip-hop artist signed with Cult Muzic Media. He often uses his music to vent about real life issues in turn to also


J Biz R

J Biz R- 2.0 J Biz R is an underground rap artist based in Central Ohio. He has been releasing his music consistently under his

Yum Yum Bedlum

Insane Clown Posse

Back in 2012 I submitted a review of the newly released ICP album “The Mighty Death Pop” and secured my spot on the Faygoluvers review

Appatight Phor Dissfunkshun


The latest Spider Bite Records release comes from the big man himself, Madecipha. This time Madecipha brings his most complete and polished work to date.

Mr. Purple

Stacc Styles

Stacc Styles has been a student of hip hop and rap for decades. After his debut release album Inside the Ride in May 2015 Stacc

The Plum Brandy EP: The REFILL


Valid – Plum Brandy : The Refill EP REVIEW “Talking 2020, should’ve chose a different year”. When Deerborn Heights underground favorite VALID drops that line


Axe Murder Boyz

After what seems like an eternity I am back to rekindle the album review section!  I know this release is older but I had the

Project Mayhem

Team Bad Decision

Minnesota hip hop trio, Team Bad Decision, recently released their album Project Mayhem and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it. Team

Macabre Mentality


Connecticut’s own Madecipha is back with yet another release in his ever growing catalog with his latest, “Macabre Menatlity.” This addition to the Spider Bite

Destroy & Rebuild

Beyond Top Secret

Mercy Counts Records has once again managed to deliver a near classic underground album with Beyond Top Secret’s latest release, Destroy & Rebuild. Bringing together

I've Got Issues

Ez Bluez

Ez Bluez has been in the music business for a long time now, but his debut EP “I’ve Got Issues” is something to behold. Honestly,

4 the OGs


Drive-By is the sideproject consisting of Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa. They came onto the scene with the fan favorite debut EP Pony

Elephants on Acid

Cypress Hill

On September 28th, Cypress Hill released their ninth full length album titled Elephants on Acid. Prior to this, their last studio album was 2010’s Rise

The Lost Tapes

Gorilla Voltage

Since the first time I heard Gorilla Voltage until now, I can’t say that I have vocally expressed a positive opinion of them. That isn’t



By the time the beat pulls it’s parachute and glides onto the track, Kamikaze‘s first offering is anxious and the bars are anticipating the flow.