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Macabre Mentality


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Connecticut’s own Madecipha is back with yet another release in his ever growing catalog with his latest, “Macabre Menatlity.” This addition to the Spider Bite Records catalog is another solid reason and testament to one of the hard working artists in the area. Even as his music continues to evolve and progresses, he manages to have a plethora of other projects in his wheelhouse. Including his forth coming release, “Arguments with God,” he also has his many Ghost Hunting shows, grave rubbings and so much more. Saying the man is unique and a breed of his own is a grave understatement.

Getting back on subject, we are here to focus on, “Macabre Mentality,” which once again is a solid release that continues to show an artistic maturity and certainly doesn’t skip on the track list. Including the intro, you’re looking at 20 solid tracks. I’m going to list the tracks below and jump into a breakdown of a few standouts or personal favorites.


  1. Eternal Slumber (Intro)
  2. Fallen Angels
  3. Secrets of the Seraphim
  4. Max’l Rose
  5. Dirt in the Ground
  6. The Resurrection (Ft. Body Bag Syndakite)
  7. My Enemy is Me
  8. Like Heroin
  9. More than Mortal
  10. Apricity
  11. Invisible Man
  12. Neanderthal
  13. Macabre Mentality
  14. Mass Tur Peece
  15. Ready for Action
  16. Danger in the Shadows
  17. Glancing at a Gorgon
  18. Call it Even
  19. Unapproachable
  20. Cemetery Sex

So, as you can see Madecipha doesn’t hold back when it comes to the depth of his albums as this isn’t usual for him to drop such a large track list. This obviously gives us a lot to work with, so while I would love to cover every track, I think we will just stick with a the highlights this time around. Besides, if you want to check out the album (and you definitely should) you can check it out on the Spider Bite Records Youtube page or even pick the album up. Trust me, it is absolutely worth the $10 price tag.


The video above for, “Secrets of the Seraphim,” is one of my favorites as well. The track is Madecipha through and through, true to his core. It’s a great example of how passionate he is and how much passion he puts into every project he touches. The beat is solid as usual, it seams Madecipha always has a knack for going with beats that match well with his unique style. This track is a great proving ground for that and showcases his ever evolving lyrical skills. Opting to forgo a hook or chorus, he drives straight through proving what he is really capable of.

Tracks like, “My Enemy is Me,” hit home for me on a personal level and it’s clear that his passion truly went into this one as well as many others. “The Invisible Man,” is another haunting track that shows a deeper side to Madecipha’s lyrics and his ability to convey a pure raw emotion that pours from the music.  While many tracks, such as, “Fallen Angels,” definitely add a horror element they also manage to create a meaningful meaning that runs just below the surface.

Clocking in at twenty total tracks, as you no doubt noticed, I could literally go on about each one. The album is unbelievably solid throughout and if you’ve been following Madecipha’s career up to this point, you’ve noticed that it continues to be astounding how much he evolves in every way. The style on this album seems aimed to a more widespread audience, with a little bit of everything for everyone. Normally, this would seem like an issue, but Madecipha clearly knew what he was doing and once again threw his heart and soul into this album.

I’d hate to not at least mention a few other stand out tracks that really put an exclamation point on this album. “Unapproachable,” is a fast, steady banger that will keep your head nodding throughout. It’s another wonderful example of Madecipha’s lyrical skills put into high gear, definitely an amazing track. On the other end, “More than Mortal,” is a melodic track that stills sees Madecipha delivering his signature style. It’s one of the many that switch up the tempo throughout this release and give the whole album a cohesive, well planned feeling.

OVERALL: 4.5/5

So, as you can see, Madecipha continues to progress, evolve his style and create another classic entry into his increasing catalog. I would be hard pressed not to recommend this to any underground fan and again, it is well worth the measly $10 cost. You can pick it up either digitally or in a physical hard copy format from the Spider Bite Records Store. This is definitely his most solid release to date and that’s saying a lot with twenty packed tracks. Madecipha’s lyrical evolution is something to behold. So be sure to keep an eye for the up coming release of, “Arguments with God.”


Record Label:

  • Spider Bite Records

Release Date:

  • 11/29/2018





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    rock en roll!! nice tracks

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