February 23, 2024
5 Guests and Online


Zug Izland: Cracked Tetris

The classic Tetris game with a Psychopathic / Zug Izland twist!

Wraith Diamonds

Flash based game similar to Bejewelled with a Wraith twist!

Juggaho Invaders!

Based on the classic “Space Invaders” game. Shoot down “Juggahoes” like Sharon Osbourne, Eminem, and even Marz before they attack your ship!

ICP Pacman

Flash game based on the classic Pacman game! Features Violent J as the Pacman head gobbling up dots and running from ghosts.

Ninja Memory Test

Test your memory by flipping cards with the Psychopathic Records family on the other side, and seeing if you can match them with others.

Twiztid Solitaire

Card game based on the classic Solitaire and featuring Psychopathic characters on the playing cards.

Magic Ninja (RPG)

A beta version of Anarchos’s first Juggalo RPG. Walk around as a ninja killing bad guys! What more do you want??

Mirror Mirror

Look at 2 like pictures and click on areas of it that are different from one another. Background music by ICP, Twiztid, and Killa C!

Psychopathics from Outer Space

Fly around space as one of the ICP blowing up space fragments before they hit and destroy your ship!

Jumpsteady (Frogger)

Based on the classic game Frogger. Try to get Jumpsteady across the street before he gets creamed by a car!


Fly around space as Anybody Killa shooting both the characters from Aliens and Predators!

Escape From Hell’s Pit

Similar to Pacman. You are trapped inside of Hell’s Pit gobbling up Hatchetmen and dodging bouncing fireballs.

Get The Hell Out Of Hell’s Pit

A great RPG where you go through mazes and try to decide what characters (J, Shaggy, Hatchetman) you need to change into to pass the