September 29, 2023
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Mr. Purple

Stacc Styles

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Stacc Styles has been a student of hip hop and rap for decades. After his debut release album Inside the Ride in May 2015 Stacc went into isolation in preparation for the release of this, his second album, Mr. Purple.  Over the years he has captured the attention of many fans but more importantly promoters and labels which has given him the opportunity to perform with artists from every corner of the rap and hip hop world.  He has opened shows for Ice Cube, Nas, Yelawolf, Rittz, Tech N9ne and Twiztid.  His affinity for the more chopper style and self-described high energy hip hop has given him the ability to adapt to many forms in his career.  After a five year wait he unleashes Mr. Purple onto the world, the question is will the wait be worth it?

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Nightcrawler
  3. It’s About to go Down
  4. 50 Shades
  5. New Mind State ft Jerse
  6. Light it Up
  7. I Will Rise ft La Vinci & Nathan Tyler
  8. Driven ft Nathan Tyler
  9. DJ Looney Interlude
  10. Comprehend ft Coyote Keyes & Vinney Mendez
  11. My Team
  12. Raw is War
  13. All in ft Redemption & Y-not
  14. Breaking Point
  15. High Note ft Cash Lansky & Crookyd

Track list and ratings

  1. Intro- A simple intro giving a brief summary of Stacc and his career. N/A
  2. Nightcrawler- The beat in this track has a simple bassline but throws in quite a few electronic effects that add a good amount of complexity. Stacc has a smooth delivery and hits the right amount of vocal change to keep the listener into it.  The hook is simple but works well against the verses.  4/5
  3. It’s About to go Down- A nice little intro before the beat drop. The beat hits hard here and the mix is done really well.  The backing track which adds the power backs being a little off jumbles the verses a little but overall the track is solid.  3/5
  4. 50 Shades- This track was one of the singles released before the album dropped. The beat is very heavy and complex and that is a change from the first two tracks.  His chopper flow is a nice contrast to the complexity as well.  When the fast flow gives way to the hook he provides a little breathing room which is welcomed.  5/5
  5. New Mind State ft Jerse- If you know of the Tustoned kids then you will enjoy this track. The beat, flow and vibe are 100% Stacc and Jerse.  This track fits well at this point in the album and adds a nice change of pace.  4/5
  6. Light it Up- This track is a great example of his high energy hip hop. Falling into the same vein as Kottonmouth Kings this track pays homage to the glory of the greenery.  A good beat and nice lyrical flow round it out well.  4/5
  7. I Will Rise ft La Vinci & Nathan Tyler- Stacc always finds a way to add an emotional track or two in all of his work and he accomplishes that here. The hook is well performed and the vibe shines though.  4/5
  8. Driven ft Nathan Tyler- Fans of old school beats will dig this track. The beat harkens back to the early days of hip hop.  Tyler adds some great backing on the hook and it gives the track a well-rounded sound.  5/5
  9. DJ Looney Interlude- DJ Looney has a long standing friendship and career with Stacc Styles. He backs up Stacc on the 1’s and 2’s and definitely adds a unique track here highlighting his skills and previous work.  In this he gives a nice overview of Stacc and his career. 4/5
  10. Comprehend ft Coyote Keyes & Vinney Mendez- A much slower pace pushes this track forward. The featured artists add different flow and sounds to the overall tone of the track. The beat is good and easy to groove to.  5/5
  11. My Team- Rough, hard hitting and deep bass beat tell you all you need to hear in this one. Stacc pays tribute to his home and all the people who have been up and down the roads with him. Stacc definitely makes sure to bring people up with him and that is a rare attribute in the rap business.  4/5
  12. Raw is War- Fans who have followed Stacc for years will easily recognize the flow and delivery here as it is very like tracks from earlier in his career. His delivery is solid and he provides a hook that is very crowd friendly. 4/5
  13. All in ft Redemption & Y-not- High bass, slow and driving are the best descriptors for the beat here. One of the hardest hitting tracks on the album. At this point in the album it provides an injection of energy.  5/5
  14. Breaking Point- Much like I will Rise this track touches on the emotions and leads the listener down a little side journey into Stacc Styles world while being uplifting and positive. 5/5
  15. High Note ft Cash Lansky & Crookyd- This is a very stripped down track for the most part. The verses are solid and well delivered. Overall a good track but gets lost in the shuffle.  5/5


Overall Rating: 3.7/5

Conclusion:  Stacc Styles adds a solid album to his ever growing career.  It had several highs and a few lows.  In the end this reviewer would have loved to have seen the album end with a little more of a high energy track but that is trivial in the entire albums structure.  Stacc holds true to himself and has cranked out an album well worth the time invested.  If you have yet to check him out give this album a try.  If you are already a fan then you already know.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. 50 Shades


  • 55 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Independent

Release Date:

  • 11/20/2020





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