July 19, 2024
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KD the Stranger

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Juggalos! Juggalettes! Juggs getting prepared to Gather! I bring you something special. Internationally special. A few weeks back I posted a post about this album, and I had mentioned I would review it on my free time; well, I squeaked in some free time to write my first album review in almost ten years, as my last album review was Hopsin’s Knock Madness in late 2013. Honestly… I didn’t even remember writing that one at all. I must have been on some good drugs at the time.

Anyways, juggalos, I don’t want to waste too much of your time when you could be listening and enjoying this album. I do want to break down the album a little here in the intro to let you guys know what you’re getting yourself into.

So, if there’s one thing to know about KD, is he’s able to score really solid collabs. Especially for a foreign artist. Most foreign artists could never score collabs with legends like Gangsta Boo, Project Pat, Hopsin, King ISO, Madchild, and so many more. Those are just some of the features on this album. Go through KD’s discography, and he’s collaborating with all sorts of artists across the globe. I first heard of KD about 10 years ago through a collaboration with Killa Capone.

So this album features a ton of that. Some of the collaborations are better than others, but I would say that’s quite common unless you’re MGK who focuses primarily on artists he feels are worse than him. KD collaborates with a lot of people, and he comes strong each time.

KD mixes both English and his native tongue to make an international blend of freshness. Sometimes you find yourself jamming to lyrics that you literally do not understand, because KD can still flow on style and on point to keep the track moving. You might not even know that you were listening to a foreign language. That’s how it should be. So smooth, it could blow right over your head.

So juggalos, without further ado, here is a track by track review. Each track should be playable, and obviously, you’re more than encouraged to draw your own conclusions. So enjoy…


Track 1: Coffin
Featuring : Darkness I Am, Gangsta Boo, and Project Pat



This track features two very well known legendary artists as well as an artist I’m personally not familiar with (which there are a lot of those out there). When asked what song KD felt was the best track for you guys to listen to; this was the track he chose. So it a good way to start the album. There is a catchy hook, and the beat is to die for. Very catchy beat to be honest. Gangsta Boo (RIP) really delivers some hard bars, and probably shines the best on the track. KD blends both his native tongue and some English in this track. His flow is so on point, if you weren’t listening all the way, I’m not sure you’d even notice.


Track 2: No Sir


Track number two has one of my favorite beats on this album. It’s a relatively short track where KD is solo with his world wide chopper flow on it. This song, though short, seems like the perfect length. A lot of times shorter tracks feel as such, where you feel like the songs aren’t fully complete or there should be more. This track is right on point. I really like the intro to the beat. The beat itself has a dark chill hip hop vibe. With KD’s raw vocals over it, it creates a hard and deep track that goes hard from the moment he starts to spit; until the last few seconds of the track. KD took every opportunity to come in hard on this track.


Track 3: Go Dumb
Featuring: Bleezo, T-Rock, and Hemi


Let’s start this off by saying if you listen to this song, it’s probably going to get caught in your head. The production is catchy; almost familiar. This would be a good drinking or party song. I know I would have gone dumb listening to it drunk. I probably would think I could rap like KD too, making a fool of myself. KD primarily raps in his native tongue, but he delivers some lines in English. The featured artists are all English. The hook is all English too. The featured artists actually deliver and hold up.


Track 4: Gettin It
Featuring: Horseshoe Gang, That Rapper CB, and Chris Ray


This track starts off with an artist from Horseshoe Gang, of whom I’m not familiar. He starts off pretty strong though, which is a strong way to get your attention. The next artist sounds a lot like Eminem. Verse goes hard like Eminem graced the verse. The hook is very catchy. This song is very good in my opinion. If I were to choose my favorite track on the album, I’d choose this one. Verses are all solid, hook is good, production really matches for the theme of the track.  If you’re going to listen to one track on this, start with this one.


Track 5: Glitch


So, if you wanted a good example of KD’s music as a whole, Glitch is a good example. This track is just him, and I’d assume he did the beat to the track too. Very dark and dreary beat that you could creep through the hood with. KD comes on the track really grimey, which is needed for the verse. I guess my only criticism of this; the track is kind of short. It probably could have been longer, especially with the beat. One thing to note about this album is that we’re 5 songs in, and the production is really top notch. I know KD does a lot of his own work, so kudos to him for picking good beats. It’s an important part of building an album.


Track 6: Come and Get It
Featuring: SwizZz, C.Ray, and That Rapper CB


So this track has the features kind of out of order in the track list, and it seems to start with I think it’s That Rapper CB who sounds like Eminem. He’s very talented, much like Em. It was a strong first verse. It prepares you for the rest of the track. SwizZz is featured on this and delivers a really good line I liked. SwizZz drops the line, “Three z’s, but it’s getting hard to sleep here…” SwizZz probably has my favorite verse, and maybe even one of my favorite versus in his entire catalogue. This is definitely a juggalo friendly song that encompasses horrorcore. This track might have been a good candidate as an outro song or even an intro song. It’s very solid all around, and I know you guys will enjoy it.


Track 7: Twisted Minds
Featuring: King ISO and U4ik


This track starts with one of my all time favorite artists, King ISO. I spend a lot of my time listening to primarily King ISO, Liquid Assassin, Geno CULTSHIT, Joyner Lucas, Atmosphere, and a variety of others; so you know I’m going to tune into this one for sure. This track isn’t even the first track ISO and KD have done a track together. ISO goes hard on this track. Personally, I liked KD and ISO’s verse, but the other guy I could have really done without. Just too generic honestly. I’ve honestly heard a ton of similar artists, and honestly I’m kind of sick of it. It’s obviously very popular amongst juggalos though. I just felt like he dropped the ball. My opinion is my opinion though, and you can gauge for yourself. I would consider the beat horrorcore for sure, and the production on it is great. Once again, that’s one thing that’s extremely strong on this album. The production value is top notch.


Track 8: Like Dracula
Featuring: Bonez Dubb, Dez Looca, Knocc Sik


Oh boy. What to say about this track? Well, there are some positives to it, and there are some negative things I couldn’t help but notice. This is definitely a horrorcore track. Once again, I can’t commend the production value enough on this. This particular beat kind reminds me of a SNES horror track mixed with a hip hop beat. It’s really cool. Chill creepy vibes, which match the name of the song. KD comes in hard with a good solid verse, and that’s where it probably should have ended. The hook, though catchy, is very lazy and boring. There were three other artists on this track, and I zoned out their contributions every time I listened to this track. Their verses were very generic. I could throw a dart at the underground horrorcore artist dartboard and found 37 artists that could have matched the exact same tone, lyric style, and everything. Way too generic to be quite frank and honest. Strive to be different. The biggest flaw in this genre is the fact that the majority of it is the same mediocre content. I also could not help but to notice that KD was the only one of the track that sounded at all professional for quality. The artists featured sounded more like they were still using low production. This track I could have definitely done without, but you may like it. I know someone is going to get butthurt, and people can complain in the comments below, but I am unmoved. If you got a problem with it, you need to expand your musical influences.


Track 9: Finally Here
Featuring: Madchild, Darkness I Am, Hitman Chriss, JB Abyss


Well, at least this isn’t like the last track. This track actually features another big favorite of mine, Madchild. There are two very boring artists on here that are that generic horrorcore artists that are a dime a dozen. Seriously, you guys are extraordinarily lazy when you do easy cheap horrorcore. Maybe that’s why some artists do horrorcore. It’s all too basic. Madchild and KD deliver good verses. There’s one other artist that goes really hard on here, but those two guys on here are so bad, this entire track should have been trashed. That’s not good, because there are some really good verses on here, but two lazy generic artists delivering empty mindless content really take away from this entire track, which does the other artists dirty. The beat is pretty good, as usual. End up tuning it out a lot though, and I don’t know why. I personally will never turn this one on again, which sucks because Madchild’s verse is definitely worth listening to more than once. Essentially though, if I wasn’t reviewing this entire track for this review, there would have been no way I could have finished this. This song is far too long.


Track 10: Own Lane
Featuring: D-Loc the Gill God, AceThaGoblin, C.Ray


Well, after two kind of poor tracks due to primarily poor features, Own Lane at least brings the album back to the original strength it did have prior to the songs I obviously have distain for. This track is a very chopper based track. Be ready for fast hitting flows and verses. Fortunately, all artists came pretty strong lyric wise. They didn’t just rely off the use of syllables to sound fast; they actually added lyrical content. I remember when the chopper phase was a lot bigger, and a lot of artists were finding out as long as they made more syllables, they didn’t really have to rhyme or add content, and a lot of chopper artists were absolute garbage. You won’t find that here. Just a good rapid fire track laid to a good fast paced beat that sets the mood through the entire track. I didn’t mind this track at all.


Track 11: Dope Game
Featuring: Esham, Mastamind, and Darkness I Am


So you want a good catchy Esham track, look no further. Matter of fact, this would be a great Song of the Week candidate for Faygoluvers here. This is a good track though. One of the best on the album. Esham really shines on this track, as he often is good at stealing the spotlight. The Godfather of Horrorcore definitely delivers. Mastamind also drops a solid verse on this. All the artists actually came together to make a good horrorcore track. This is a good definition of a horrorcore song actually. Definitely one of the tracks you guys definitely need to tune in and add to your playlist.


Track 12: Psychopathic
Featuring: Dalima, D-Loc the Gill God, Bleezo, Kamikazi, Knocc Sik, Firing Squad, and Mr. Grey


Well, we’ve finally made it through the album and made it to the last track. All I can think when typing this is, why? Why on Earth are there at least 8 people on one song lol. Typing up the features was no fun at all. Especially with some of ya’ll names. Anyway, that’s probably the only criticism I have of this song. It’s actually a really solid song for being so long and featuring so many artists. You don’t really even realize it. The beat is really outstanding. This was actually a really good song to end the album on, because it almost has the sound and feel of an outro track. Almost all artists delivered really solid verses. One artist was a little mediocre. I don’t know who’s who. Thing to note though, another one of my all time favorite Kamikazi is featured on this track. If you look on this website, you can actually find my first ever album review and that’s Kamikazi’s Angel’s and Demons. Anyways juggs, this song is great actually. Not only worth your time, but worth the replay many times over. Once again, probably the best beat out of any of the beats on this entire album. Kudos to the artists for bringing it.




So in conclusion juggalos, this album is pretty solid. The production value really shines on this album above any feature or any verse. Honestly, I know albums are supposed to be more than just the beats, but this album’s beats alone could stand by themselves, and probably rival in sales with actual albums.

The features are mostly solid and good. There are some really bad features that seem lazy and very generic. None are delivered by the main artist though, who stays consistently strong through out his entire album. Even when I don’t understand KD, I’m still enjoying the delivery of his verses.

This album is definitely more on the horrorcore side and would be best suited for the underground horrorcore market. KD shows that he’s honestly not one to go bar to bar with in this genre, because he’s probably going to outrap you in English and his native tongue.

I know juggalos will like this album, and I definitely know those who are geared towards horrorcore and dark raps will enjoy this. So I’ve rambled on long enough, so I’ll let you guys enjoy.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Psychopathic


  • 45 Minutes 31 Seconds





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