December 11, 2023
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The Plum Brandy EP: The REFILL


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Valid – Plum Brandy : The Refill EP REVIEW

“Talking 2020, should’ve chose a different year”. When Deerborn Heights underground favorite VALID drops that line you can hear that not only is he pissed off and upset about how shit this year turned out to be but you can hear and feel the hunger of an artist who was poised for big things on this calendar year and due to the pandemic and travel bans a lot of his plans as discussed in our Faygoluvers interview 5 months ago were placed on hold.

The Refill EP is a follow up of the Plum Brandy EP that was released earlier this year. The EP Features three new tracks and the original songs from the first release but with slight twists here and there including a lyric switch up like the one mentioned above as well as a remix verse from Stretch Money.Executively produced by : DJ Head

I was really excited to see an advanced copy of this arrive today for me to listen to and I am proud to do this pre-release review. The EP drops everywhere for streaming this upcoming Friday The 13th. Nov/2020

DJ Goce leads off the first two tracks and re-listening to this with a new view you can really feel the chemistry here for Valid and this type of production. On the song POPS, Valid pays homage to the man who taught the man to be the man. With a haunting chorus sample leading off into the chorus that will have you bopping your head and repeating the chorus over and over after each listen. The song also features cuts from Big Hoodoo’s current touring DJ – DJ LOS , a Detroit Legend.

Last week we were delivered the “I Believe “ music video and it finally finds it’s home here on the REFILL EP. Reddit users were going crazy over the line “ I believe Owen is better than Bret” and this started off a viral argument amongst Wrestling heads online all over a very sultry soulful sample reminiscent to a DJ Premier production but in the same vein Macedonian producer S.A.M delivered and it’s absolutely beautiful to listen to. I look forward to more S.A.M. and Valid collabos.

Boldy James of Griselda appears on Foreign Forever, where Valid talks about his Yugoslavian background being the subject of ridicule in a school classroom and if you listen closely there are subtle difference to the original version lyrically. Boldy’s verse remains the same but for any fan of Griselda , you definitely need to hear his verse as it’s his finest guest verse to date in my opinion and you can only find it here on the PLUM BRANDY EP: The Refill.

Another guest appearance but with a new verse is Detroit’s own Stretch Money on the ULUV remix, I can see this becoming a major staple in the radio game especially come summertime. It’s a feel good record that will make you just wanna enjoy yourself and have a good time and in these times of turbulence, Lord knows this is what we all need. Stretch Money delivers a solid verse and the way he bounces on the beat, he suits it so well. Stretch Money is an artist everyone should be on the look out for.

A brand new song produced by Koolade is The Flyest and man if this isn’t one of the best VALID songs ever then somebody slap my mama! This shit is absolute fire! It’s interesting to hear VALID flex his multi-lingual skills here spititng some lines in Serbian. If this is a warm-up for what’s to come then everyone should be tuned into VALID for 2021 and beyond.

Take me down gets a remix touch on one of the highlights from the PLUM BRANDY EP, Marvel’s production really shines here and the 2nd verse that VALID drops is a hip hop quotable in itself. I’ll leave it for your ears to check out yourself. Ideeyeah’s chorus remains the same and it’s such a blissful voice that every time she starts to sing you will find yourself turning the volume higher and higher.

PAPER Ft Smoke Mardeljano + Struka – Valid drops some knowledge here for the masses and alongside two of the balkan’s greatest emcee’s this record is such a instant classic it deserves so much more regard and shine. Paper is one of the stand-out tracks from the original release and the song remains the same and needed no change. The record is perfection from start to end and if you’ve never heard rap in a different language , you need to really check out Smoke and Struka both can give some rappers a run for their money.

Komplikated is a brand new song here and is the perfect closer to an already perfect EP. The record features a Balkan singer by the name of Eeva who delivers a sultry chorus in both Serbian/Croatian and English and we also have a guest appearance from Ron Holsey who has a cult like status in the Balkans, a few years ago he went viral for singing various songs of the region in perfect dialect and here here is doing it again on a record that should smash the radio. Valid opens up here about some past relationships and keeps it one hundred with a topic I am sure everyone can relate to.

In closing , this EP deserves everyone’s ears from the underground to commercial radio it appears that VALID can cover all basis and will continue to. This is the perfect way to end 2020 and to start the new era of things to come.


Peace ya’ll

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Paper,The Flyest,Komplikated

Record Label:

  • VALID313

Release Date:

  • 11/13/2020




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