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Tales From the Darkside

Psychoetry & King Gordy

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Psychoetry is a hip-hop artist signed with Cult Muzic Media. He often uses his music to vent about real life issues in turn to also help others dealing with the same struggles in life.  This album he tag teams with King Gordy and presents their vision and Tales From the Darkside.


Track listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome 2 The Darkside
  3. Psycho
  4. Voices
  5. Just For The Night
  6. Murder Bitch ft ILL Temper
  7. The Undead Ft D.C.

Track list and ratings

  1. Introduction- Short spoken intro as a lead into the 2nd N/A
  2. Welcome 2 The Darkside- A decent track to lead the album. Its hard hitting and simple beat allows the verses to stand on their own.  The verses themselves are well written and performed.  The production on this track is very well put together.  The hook is simple in its construction, but it works here.  4/5
  3. Psycho- The baseline hits hard here and the subtle sound in the background adds complexity to the beat. The lyrics fit well within the Horrorcore genre.  The hook is simple and that is alright.  The track overall is a Horrorcore banger without a doubt.  4/5
  4. Voices- This track slows down the vibe of the album and provides a relief from the hard hitting beats up to this point. Lyrically it tells a solid story and guides the listener on a journey into their minds.  The hook is well written, but the voice modification could be a little less deep toned.  3.5/5
  5. Just For the Night- An old school party beat drives this track. The vibe reminds the listener of classic tracks from the 90’s and 2000’s.  The lyrics flow well with that party atmosphere.  A nice change of pace to this album.  3.5/5
  6. Murder Bitch ft ILL Temper- This track feels very disjointed and like a step backwards on the album. The verses flow very slowly and the composition seems very busy and not well put together.  2/5
  7. The Undead Ft D.C.- A great beat to end this album on. Hard hitting and aggressive but it works here.  The beat, lyrics and hook all have that deep horror feel and it really works within the context of the album.  A great track to end the album on.  4.5/5

Total Runtime- 23 Min

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Conclusion:  Overall this album bangs.  The one exception would be Murder Bitch which really didn’t fit with the slow of the album or lyrical abilities.  Fans of Horrorcore, King Gordy and Psychoetry will enjoy it.  Hip Hop/Rap fans will appreciate the beats and the production although the lyrics might turn some away.  Definitely and album to put in your earholes and judge for yourself.

Release Date: 3/02/2022

Favorite Tracks:

  1. The Indead Ft. D.C.


  • 23 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Cult Muzic Media





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