April 20, 2024
79 Guests and Online


Faygomen Screen Saver

Features Faygoman logos bouncing around on screen, all over a few different FLH wallpapers.

FLH / Psy Artists Heads

Features Psychopathic artists’ heads floating around against an FLH background.

Faygoluvers / ICP / Twiztid

Another screensaver for FLH, this one features the green stars, text, and images of Twiztid and ICP floating about.

FLH 2009

An updated 2009 edition of Faygoluvers Screen Saver!

Joker’s Cards Eras

A fresh screensaver that displays each joker’s card along with the year and an image of Insane Clown Posse from the same year… very fresh

Bouncing Joker’s Cards

Watch the joker’s cards bounce around your screen along with a flaming hatchetman thrown into the mix too!

Bouncing Insane Clown Posse

Shows ICP from the Hell’s Pit era and prior bouncing across the edges of your screen.

Amazing Jeckel Brothers Juggling

Shows Jake and Jack Jeckel (The Jeckel Brothers) juggling flaming fireballs.

Hatchetman Running

Features the Psychopathic Hatchetman running across your screen. The Hatchetman also goes “Chicken Huntin’”.

ICP Bang! Pow! Boom!

ICP Wallpaper with the “Bang! Pow! Boom!” character switching between red, green, and blue.