April 20, 2024
73 Guests and Online


MC Lars Interviews Alex Abbyss

For the first time since 2006, Alex Abbyss sits down, and gives his side of the things, from the early days of Psychopathic. In this

A Long Conversation w/ MC Lars & Schaffer the Darklord The”999″ Interview

“Social Anxiety” Chad T. Carsten of Faygoluvers.net and nerdcore legends MC Lars and Schaffer the Darklord discuss nerdcore hip-hop history, the “Disney Occult” homage “999”

Mankini Interviews The Hatchetman Project

Immediately following their set at GOTJ23, I caught up with The Hatchetman Project and got to talk with them about EVERYTHING! Peep the super fresh

Mankini Interviews Zackass

I had the pleasure of sitting down With Zach Holmes, better known as Zackass, in between his hosting duties on main stage. Was he there,

Mankini Interviews Dropout Kings GOTJ 23

Minutes before they took the stage at GOTJ23, I sat down with Dropout Kings in their trailer and had some fun! Check out the interview

200 Stab Wounds (Metal Blade Records) Are the Future of Extreme Metal! An Interview w/ Steve Buhl

Modern death metal torch bearers 200 Stab Wound (Cleveland, Ohio) continue to take over the heavy metal world with their raw intense professional musicianship! Because

Who is DJ Godzila?

Who is DJ Godzila? After a post about the new Twiztid project with Blaze Ya Dead Homie and DJ Godzila surfaced, a lot of people

“Old School New York Death Metal Will Never Die!” Chris Basile of Pyrexia Interview

For over 30 years! Old school Long Island, New York death metal icons Pyrexia (Established 1990)  have brought forth brutal heavy metal brilliance through their

Noise From The Pit Interviews The 69 Eyes

Faygoluvers.net & Noise From The Pit staff journalist Chad Carsten, sits down with Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes in honor of the 1st annual

Mankini Interviews Krizz Kaliko

I got the chance to sit down with one and only, Kali Baby!!! Fresh from his super dope set at the Gathering Of The Juggalos,

A special Faygoluvers.net Summer Evening Podcast w/ Kool Keith & Marc Live The ‘Black Elivis’ 2 Interview

A special Faygoluvers.net Summer Evening Podcast with Kool Keith and Marc Live. Sponsored by Rosco (Faygoluvers), Stir Crazy (Majik Ninja Entertainment Beats) and Steaming Kettle PR.

Mankini Interviews Kung Fu Vampire At GOTJ 23

After 6 long years, I finally sit down with the legendary Kung Fu Vampire! Recorded last week at The 23rd Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos,

Mankini Interviews Fat C, Professor Fresh and Mereness

Back at Hallowicked 2022, I had the privilege of sharing a hot tub with Fat C, Professor Fresh and Mereness… obviously, I don’t need to

120 Seconds – Artist Interview “S.O.N”

120 Seconds – Artist Interview “S.O.N”       Link to all things S.O.N: https://linktr.ee/legionrealm    

120 Seconds – Artist Interview “Klokwerk E”

120 Seconds – Artist Interview “Klokwerk E”   Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/klokwerke   Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/klokwerke/