May 30, 2023
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I've Got Issues

Ez Bluez

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Ez Bluez has been in the music business for a long time now, but his debut EP “I’ve Got Issues” is something to behold. Honestly, it’s rare these days to find such a unique voice in the world of the music industry. Blending heavy, slow riffs with a distinctly deep voice that create a combination that I’m not sure you’ll be likely to ever find ever again. When you hear Ez, you know immediately that you’ve got something amazingly special and unique on your hands. Musically it’s instantly grabbing, but digging into the lyrics, you’ll be surprised to find deep and meaningful lyrics. This is a man bearing his heart and soul into his music, above all else you can feel this seeping through the entire aura that of his music. It’s all of these elements together that truly bring everything it to an unbelievably cohesive package. Layers of beautiful acoustic music, meaningful lyrics and an artist who truly shows who he is through is art is a combination for success. This is an album that is a must add for any music fan’s collection, regardless of you particular style this deserves a place on your shelf and/or playlist.

I’ve Got Issues,” is a perfect set of five no nonsense tracks give you a taste of what’s to come from this uniquely talented artist and hopefully set the stage for even more to come. While it’s hard to hear this album come to an end, it does so on a beautiful note by closing out with the first single “Where were you?” Each track definitely is emotional and powerful on it’s own, but the tightness with which everything is brought together as a whole is simply wonderful. If you’re a music fan that loves deep, personal lyrics and raw emotion, this is not a release you can not afford to pass up. I said it once or more and I’ll say it again, Ez Bluez delivers one of the most original and fresh sounding styles in years. The emotion pours from his soul and if that doesn’t catch you nothing will.

Ez Bluez

I’ve Got Issues” EP






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