October 1, 2022
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Tierre Diaz – “PRIME” [Official Music Video]

Official video for “PRIME” , the first single off the ‘MANIFLEX’ album! All filming locations are from the actual Dexter: New Blood scenes. Stream and

Insane Clown Posse’s “Hallowicked 2022” [Teaser]

Catch the 2022 HALLOWICKED event! www.psychopathicvault.com All ICP Music here! https://www.playandfollow.com/a/insane-clown-posse PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS OFFICIAL: https://www.psychopathicrecords.com

Spooky Skareflow – “Psychopath Murderahz” (ft. Doc Gruesome) [Official Lyric Video]

Lyric video by Lapze FX prod mixed and mastered by www.bankhardbeats.com https://linktr.ee/SpookySkareflow

The Palcast – “The $500 Challenge!” [Episode #132]

2 Dope has been presented with a challenge! If Shaggy can make it one entire podcast without saying “You Know What I’m Sayin’” or “Boi”

Twiztid TV [Tour Vlog]

Twiztid gives a quick recap of touring with Attila and the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Check out upcoming Twiztid tour dates here: Twiztid.com: Tour

J Payne – “So Sincere” [Official Music Video]

The brand new music video from J Payne: “So Sincere”!

Sodoma Gomora – Europathic (feat. Słoń, G-ko, Dope D.O.D., Byzo, Astral One)

Sodoma Gomora returns to the living and arise with a new record called RESUEREKCE! Cinematography: Lubomír Krupka, Hector Garcia Martin (Dope D.O.D.), Szerszeń (Słoń), Steve

J Payne – “I’m Not OK” [Official Music Video]

Download, Stream, or purchase J Payne‘s To God Be The Glory album here: J Payne – To God Be the Glory (hearnow.com)

R.A. The Rugged Man – All Systems Go (Official Music Video) ft. Smokey Joe & The Kid

The official remix for R.A. the Rugged Man’s “All Systems Go” single.

Shaggy and Creep: “What CREATURE was Living in this Attic?!” [Vlog]

It’s finally here, Pals. For months you could hear the rumblings, scratches, and guttural noises coming from The Creep’s attic, and we’ve all speculated what

LB~Sickning and Blaze Hunter – “My Life” [Animated Music Video]

The latest animated music video from LB~Sickning and Blaze Hunter: “My Life”!

R3alTalk and Wicked Wayz – “I Don’t Play Wit Um” [Official Music Video]


Ruthless Rob – “My Dingaling” [Official Music Video]

This video is age-restricted, so you’ll have to go to Youtube and watch it directly: https://youtu.be/8AHgn7ZWsfM Baltimore Butcher Mixtape Available Now !!! https://ruthlessrob.com Baltimore Butcher Mixtape

SICKKO Entertainment Rap Contest [Details Inside]

Make a dope song… winner will be announced on 11/6/2022 on the LBSickning YouTube channel!!! Good luck!!! Share this out so more people enter the

Ouija Macc – 6 Foot Hatchet (Official Video)

Ouija Macc’s latest music video for his “6 Foot Hatchet” single! Filmed by King Zabb (Scythe Gang 666) at the Gathering of Dreams!