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J Biz R

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J Biz R- 2.0

J Biz R is an underground rap artist based in Central Ohio. He has been releasing his music consistently under his very own independent label Dented Mindz Productions since 2006. He is notorious for his versatile styles and highly ambitious work ethic. From LP’s, EP’s, Halloween Releases, Singles and also several side projects J Biz R releases multiple projects every year. He brings everyday relatable themes to the genre of Underground Hip Hop known as “The Wicked Shit”. J Biz brings a strong presence to scene on and off of the stage. His next release entitled “Dented Kokopelli” is set to drop on April 20th, 2022.

Track listing

  1. Dentedly Minded
  2. Paper Chase Ft Lil Na8 & Adiktion
  3. Strong Hand Ft. Mastamind
  4. A Real One Ft The Sinful Killa
  5. Trash Azz Bitch
  6. Like To Take A Drink
  7. I Don’t Wanna Slow Down
  8. White Light
  9. Dented Psypher Ft Da Sniper 614, Lil Na8, Raigner, The Sinful Killa

Track list and ratings

  1. Dentedly Minded– The beat on the track itself is very simplified. The production of the beat and levels against the lyrics and hook are very well put together. Lyrically it is solid although the flow and hook present very simplistic.  Not a bad track to start the album.  3.7/5
  2. Paper Chase Ft Lil Na8 & Adiktion– Another very solid beat and production. The beat hits hard with a little flavor added to the backend.  Great lyrical flow in the 1st verse but the hook once again comes across very simple.  The second verse is decent but fell short of the 1st.  The last verse adds another tone to the track and is better than the 2nd.  Another solid track.  3.2/5
  3. Strong Hand Ft. Mastamind– I dig the bassline in the beat but the piano isn’t really needed here. A better hook in this track adds another layer to this one.  Having Mastamind as a feature is a good addition.  4/5
  4. A Real One Ft The Sinful Killa– During the intro and hook the mix and tones between the beat and words all run together. The beat is hard hitting again on this track.  The verses are well written and performed but the hook and mix really drags this one down.  2.8/5
  5. Trash Azz Bitch– Out of the gate the high piano is a distraction. If the volume was decreased on that the beat would be much better.  While the content does well in describing the female as intended it is just not as well done as other “trashy” tracks in the genre.  2/5
  6. Like To Take A Drink– As in the tracks that started this album the beat is stripped back and hard hitting which allows the lyrics to shine here. The hook is much better written and as a whole this track is a nice lift to the album.  4/5
  7. I Don’t Wanna Slow Down– This track slows the album down despite the title and it works as a nice change of pace. The guitar is simple but I don’t mind that.  The flow matches the beat and it works as a chill type track.  3.8/5
  8. White Light- This track is a solid track all the way around. The content has purpose and the verses are well written and presented here.  The hook is simple but that is needed to contrast the flow of the verses.  4/5
  9. Dented Psypher Ft Da Sniper 614, Lil Na8, Raigner, The Sinful Killa- The Psypher here gives these artists a chance to shine as individuals and it does just that. Most of the artists do the track justice and the beat is simple enough to let their lyrics and flow shine. Lil Na8 and Raigner have potential but really need to find their voice.  All of the artists do well and are given the spotlight.  A decent Psypher all around.  3.8/5

Total Runtime- 35 Min

Overall Rating: 3.47/5

Conclusion:  As a reviewer it is nice to sometimes get albums and EP’s from Artists I have never heard before.  J Biz R is one of those guys.  The album as a whole has solid beats and is a nice change from some albums we get to review.  The mix on most of the album is very well done so kudos to the producer here.  Some of the features, Lil Na8 and Raigner specifically have great potential but need to find the style that suits them best.  The one thing J Biz R shows on this album is that he has found that sound and is comfortable in it.  As with any artist there is room for improvement but for a first impression I can say well done.  I look forward to seeing where he goes in the future.

Release Date: 2021

Dented Mindz Productions

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Strong Hand


  • 35 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Dented Mindz





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