October 1, 2022
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Samson Samson Lets Loose On Dirtcore Music Debut “Witch Hunt”!

So much fresh music has dropped over the weekend. And one of them happens to be the debut Dirtcore Music LP from Samson Samson titled

Sodoma Gomora Drops “Resuerekce” LP!

Time to get wicked Czech Republic style! One of Europe’s biggest underground hip-hop groups Sodoma Gomora just dropped their brand new LP “Resuerekce”! It features

J Reno Announces “Blood Guts & Boom Bap” LP!

Long time Canadian underground emcee J Reno will be getting bloody again. Because his new twelve track album “Blood Guts & Boom Bap” will be

Slipknot Going Independent?! Slipknot Unleashes “The End, So Far” LP!

Slipknot will forever be part of Juggalo history due to their faux feud with Insane Clown Posse on the Howard Stern Show over twenty-three years

Coolio Was Creating New Music in Dublin Ireland Before Death; “Gangsters Paradise” Re-charts!

We here at Faygoluvers.net are still deeply saddened by the recent passing of hip-hop legend Coolio.  New reports are resurfacing that Coolio (“Jugalo Cool”) was

Big Money Movie Night Announced for Oct 29

Well, it looks like Hallowicked weekend is officially set, as Saturday Oct 29 now has an official event! ICP will be hosting the back to

REMINDER! Darby O’Trill & Devereaux “Amputate” EP Out Now!

We here at Faygoluvers.net just wanted to remind everyone that  Darby O’Trill and Devereaux have decided to prelude “The Tomb” (dropping on Halloween 2022) LP

King Iso’s “8 P.M. Med Call” EP Now Available!

Here’s some more music freshness for the Strange Music fans. King Iso’s  “8 P.M. Med Call” EP is now available for your listening pleasure! You

The Michigan Misfits X Monoxide (Twiztid) Collabo “Garbage Pail Kids” Out Now!

October is here Juggalos! And here is something to get your mind ready for this years season of the pumpkin. That’s right! The Michigan Misfits

Bukshot’s “Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II” Track list announced! [Features from HOK, UGA, AXE]

The track list for Bukshot‘s upcoming release Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II was just unveiled, and this has GOT to be one of the most JAM-PACKED albums

MNE’s “Songs of Samhain Vol 3: Cult Of Night” Out NOW!

The 3rd installment of the Majik Ninja Entertainment compilation series Songs of Samhain is officially out now!  It contains 13 tracks and features songs from Twiztid,

Certified Psychos Tour Van Crashes…AMB Off The Tour due to injuries

Juggalos…some serious shit just happened yesterday on Twiztid‘s Certified Psychos Tour.  They played the first show on the tour in Omaha, Nebraska Wednesday night and were on

Twiztid Discusses Retiring Older Songs after Certified Psychos Tour

Last week, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide were interviewed by a podcast called Talkulture for about 45 minutes!  They discussed a ton of topics including Astronomicon 6, the upcoming Certified Psychos

COOLIO aka “Jugalo Cool” Passes Away at 59

We unfortunately have to bring you some super stale news tonight.  Earlier this afternoon, Coolio, most notable for the super smash 90s rap hit “Gangster’s Paradise”, has passed

Twiztid’s Certified Psychos Tour starts TONIGHT! [VIP, Merch, Fright Fest Details Inside!]

It has been FAR too long since we’ve had a full-fledged tour from Twiztid!  As we’ve already let you know, the Certified Psychos Tour is about to