July 13, 2024
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Infectious Tenebrosity (The Migs Mixes)


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While my album reviews usually consist of a complete track-by-track breakdown, this will not be the case, at least for this album. Trust me, this is in no way a knock on this album by any means or way of avoiding a 22-track list breakdown, I’ve definitely hit that mark before. Honestly, because this is a remix album and contains many tracks I’ve reviewed before, I felt it would be best to give things a comprehensive overview of how this remix album stacks up; both in terms of the quality of the tracks themselves and how each remix brings something to the table.

So, with all of that said let’s get into the breakdown of Madecipha’s “Infectious Tenebrosity.” As I mentioned this is a remix album, containing an amount of tracks you rarely see on a standard release these days and it offers some of his best tracks. If you haven’t heard Madecipha before or if you’re simply anticipated his upcoming “All Bets Are Off” release, this is definitely worth picking up. Plus, you have to give a huge amount of credit to Migs, the man behind every single one of these remixes.

Whether you’re a new comer to Madecipha and the Spider Bite Records crew or a die-hard fan, this is a must own album. Usually, I’m not so high on remix albums, but this seems to be a great exception t the rule. Not only are the tracks well chosen, offering a glimpse at some of Madecipha’s finest work to date and ranging throughout his career, but the actually remixes are so well done that they bring new life to these older tracks. Migs’ ability to understand the artist and bring music that highlights Madecipha’s style is impressive to say the least.

If I have to be honest, it’s never easy to craft a track around existing vocals, but somehow this album actually flows together extremely well. The beats seem to fit Madecipha so well, you have to wonder if this is the way they have always meant to be heard? Even being able to bring that question to the table with a remix album says a lot, so trust when I say that the majority (if not all) of these tracks end up being much better this time around. Don’t get me wrong; this is not a knock on the original beats or production, it just truly speaks to Madecipha and Migs’ ability to work so well as a team.


Clocking in at 22 tracks, intro included, this is a must own even if this is your first foray into the career of Madecipha and as I said before it’s certainly a great place to start for new fans. I’m usually not a huge fan of changing the original, but in this case it works brilliantly. I honestly can’t state enough how well Madecipha and Migs’ styles compliment each other so well. This album may very well be both artists greatest work and it certainly comes from their clear ability to mesh so well.

I know I may have repeated myself a few times, but there’s only so many ways to say how good of a remix album… no scratch that, how good of an album this is. A must buy for fans and newcomers alike, 22 tracks for only $10.00 is a steal.





  • Infested by Spiders (Intro)
  • Gourd of Ashes (Prophecy Mix)
  • War Room (Oak Island Mix)
  • Jesus Breakfast feat. 5:AM (Steakhouse Mix)
  • Hunting for Witches (Alse Young Mix)
  • Chess Game (Checkmate Mix)
  • Speed of Life feat. Esham & Eidolon(Suicidalist Mix)
  • Told You feat. Diabolic & 5:AM (Reggae Mix)
  • Bridge on Fire (Severed Ties Mix)
  • Lost Passenger (Venomous Mix)
  • There Was Blood (Dracula Mix)
  • Misery Will Howl feat. Canibus & 5:AM (Full Moon Mix)
  • Attitude Problem feat. UFO (Bi-Polar Mix)
  • A Constant Thing feat. 5:AM (Infinite Mix)
  • Skywalker feat UFO (Sith Lord Mix)
  • Sweet Dreams (Out Cold Mix)
  • Where You At feat. Eidolon & Esham (Unholy Mix)
  • IDGAF feat. Xplizit (Roulette Mix)
  • Graveyard Shift (Cold Blooded Mix)
  • Warzone feat. 5:AM & Jus Allah (Bombdrop Mix)
  • Told You feat. 5:AM & Diabolic (Silence Mix)
  • The Obsession (Pink Jordans Mix)

Make sure to check out my interview with Madecipha, plus my reviews for both UFO’s “Meet Your Makers” and Madecipha’s previous solo release, “Arapnophobia.”

Record Label:

  • Spider Bite Records





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