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Welcome back to the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, I’m Johnny O. and once again I’m back to deliver an interview with another underground artist. This time around we get the chance to talk with Spider Bite Records’ artist, Madecipha. He just dropped his latest release, “Aranophobia,”and is getting ready to head to this years’ Gathering of the Juggalos. He’ll be performing with UFO; a collaboration group between himself and Mercy counts Records’ artists Freeze and Xplizt.

I’ll be sure to include the link for the full review to “Aranophobia,” here as well as below, so let’s jump into this thing already.


Johnny O: First I want to thank you on behalf of the entire Faygoluvers’ family for taking some time out for this interview, could you start us out with a brief introduction for those who may not be familiar with your work?

Madecipha: My name is Ryan Bond aka Madecipha. I run Spider Bite Records, I’m from New Haven,CT. I am 34 years old, grew up through the golden era of 90s NY hip hop and began following ICP in 1997 with the release of the “Great Milenko” when I was 15. I combine my own style of horrorcore with NY style lyricism and mix in paranormal happenings. I am also a very serious paranormal investigator with a few books published (“Taphophilia” and “Phasmophobia,”  both available at www.madecipha.com). Other than that I have a million side hustles including breeding rare species of turtles, buying/selling preserved specimens and anything oddities related. I have an extensive collection.

Johnny O: Now before we really get into things, I know that many be wondering exactly how to pronounce Madecipha and how you came to go by this name?

Madecipha: It’s a long story. My first name when I was like 16-17 was Synista Ugly. Then I changed it to Logiq Letdown, but I was at a battle rap in 2004 and a rapper there had the name Logic. We later became cool and he appears on my 2012 album “Armageddon Ready”. That night I decided I wanted a name that no one would ever have, so after hours of thinking I came up with Madecipha, mad-e-cipha. I’m mad each cipha, my cipha is made (or circle is complete) and you have to decipher (cipha) all the madness. I also have come up with several different acronyms for it such as malicious and devious- entertaining clever phrases have arrived. I like the way it sounded so i ran with it, but most people say it wrong and I find myself answering this question frequently. I guess I didn’t think about that when I coined the name, lol.

Johnny O: Ok, so you just dropped your latest full length “Arapnophobia” can you tell us a little bit about the project and how you feel it came out?

Madecipha: I’m not the guy to sit here and say my latest project is my best. What people don’t know is I have 5 solo albums, 2 b side albums, 4 (5 with UFO) group albums and 2 concept EPs. I put in work. This album I am really happy with, i took my time with it and it took well over 2 years to make. I recorded over 30 songs and picked the best ones. I also didn’t give myself crazy release dates or unnecessary pressure. I worked with Live Evil and Anthropophagus on it who were my main producers for a majority of my albums. We had a fall out mid project, so I began using a few other producers and evolving my style. I think I had the right amount of collabs and different beats on it. I wanted this to be the one to put me on the map. I hope people still check out my back catalog but i feel like this one is special because people are starting to take notice.

Johnny O: How has the reception been for the album so far?

Madecipha: Ya, so far so good. People seem to be digging it really well.

Arapnophobia Cover

Johnny O: So, you’ve been making music for some time now. How would you say the latest release compares to your previous work?

Madecipha: I think each album I try to do something different. My sophomore LP is called “To Whom it May Concern” and had a suicide theme concept throughout the record. Where as on my first album “Word is Bond” we sampled a bunch of evps from our ghost hunts. I think I was one of the first dudes to really go in like that with the paranormal. I just try not to be redundant. While I was making this album I thought to myself,  “what can i do differently this time?” The album “Armageddon Ready” was made to be my most raw, grimy album and “Cut Your Losses” was about battling some personal demons. With “Arapnophobia” I just wanted to make a well rounded album that horrorcore dudes will dig yet undeground raw hip hop dudes will dig as well and I think I have been one of the few dudes who has walked on the fine line successfully.

Johnny O: Now I know that you also work with a group called Unlimited Future Objectives (UFO) with Freeze and Xplizt, how is the process different from your solo efforts?

Madecipha: This is my 4th group project and again they are all very different from one another. Freeze and I go way back. He has been supportive and very helpful in all of my rap endeavors. I made my first ever appearance on his 2007 classic album “Red Snow.” Him and I have a similar grind, we both pursue this rap dream 100 mph with no stopping and we thought it made sense to work on a project together. He was working with a very talanted female emcee named Xplizt, she fit well with what we are doing and also had alot to bring to the table. As the project unfolded we really ran with the whole UFO image and stuff like that. On this record you will hear me on some more electronic, or trap, or I dunno what these kids call the shit to be honest, but I normally rap to scary sounding boom bap beats and I totally stepped out of my comfort zone. We got real experimental with this project.

“Welcome Home,” is the latest single from UFO’s upcoming debut, which will release at the Gathering of the Juggalos.


Johnny O: Both Freeze and Xplizt are artists under the Mercy Counts Records banner, how has the relationship between them and the Spider Bite Records family been?

Madecipha: It’s kinda like they do Mercy Counts and I run Spider Bite but we are super close. They record here at my studio and have their own keys. I know there are two different label names but in all honesty it’s like we all rep mercy counts and spider bite equally. It’s the same mission.

Johnny O: It looks like UFO will actually be releasing a new album at this years Gathering of the Juggalos, what can fans expect from this release?

Madecipha: Not to back track but we just got really experimental. I’m really happy that this record is mainly me, Freeze and Xplizt. We only have 2 guest features being Donnie Menace and Diabolic. One is a well known horrorcore guy who we know well and came up with, and the other is a well known underground raw hip hop artist. We are definitely trying to cross over into a few different genres and just show people that besides having dope rhymes and beats we have something truly unique and there isn’t many people who grind like we do.

Johnny O: I’d like to congratulate yourself and the others in UFO for getting the chance to perform at this years Gathering. It isn’t that far away now, are looking forward to the experience and how are preparations going?

Madecipha: I was at the first Gathering, man. I was 17. I’ve been to all of them but 4. In 2004 I did an open mic at the jcw ring and it was my first time really doing a performance, I still have the footage. I’m a big MMA/UFC fan, I do muay thai kick boxing quite heavily and this performance headling the pedelum stage, being booked by jumpsteady himself is like a title fight to me. We got stage props, I’ve been practicing 6-8 hours everyday for weeks and that will continue to go on until I leave. In MMA they say don’t leave the fight in the hands of the judges, so we are all putting in the work and kicking ass. We want to make sure we go out there, get the first round KO and leave no doubt that UFO is on the rise.

Johnny O: Can fans expect any albums or merch for sale at the Gathering this year?

Madecipha: Ya, we will have mad shit; UFO CDs and shirts, I’ll have Spider Bite shirts, pins, lighters, stickers, decals. My website www.madecipha.com just got a new websmaster and over the next week I will have tons of new stuff up there if you feel like checking it out. I’m sure my manager will have me bring a bunch of my solo or group CDs. I’ll even bring some books. We are ready and when I tell you we have left no stone unturned for this Gathering, I am not lying to you.


Johnny O: Those us of us that are unable to come out to the epic 17th Gathering of the Juggalos, where can fans grab a copy of “Arapnophobia” or the new UFO album when it releases?

Madecipha: It’s out (“Arapnophobia”). The website should be fixed in a week or so, iTunes and all those sites should have it soon. You just gotta check. If you wanna get it right this very second you can paypal $15 to [email protected], specify that its for a copy of “Arapnophobia” and include your address. The UFO album will be at the Gathering. It will also be on my website and I am doing a b-day show in new haven, CT August 5th at Anna Liffeys, you can cop it there too.

Johnny O: Where can we find more from Madecphia and the rest of the Spider Bite Records family?

Madecipha: I don’t do sound cloud or all of that. My websites have all my music for streaming and I upload each individual track to YouTube. You can search “Madecipha Arapnophobia” and view all of my tracks and check the album before you buy it.


If you wanna reach me through Facebook, type in Madecipha and when you see Ryan Bond that’s me. My manager is Ez Bluez on FB for all business inquiries and booking stuff.

Johnny O: Though you’ve just released an album and are about to release the UFO project as well, is there anything else in the works you can tell us about?

Madecipha: Late this year I’m making an EP of all personal, life story songs. I’ve never done that before and like I said I like to evolve and do new things and keep it fresh. My book is being reviewed by barnes and noble and we are working on getting it in chain stores. I will probably do an audio release of the book as well and I’m trying to put out a few artist on Spider Bite such as Kid Jeff, who can be heard on the sketch pad track off “Arapnophobia.” He is from England and just the definition of an individual. He is a wild dude and I’m excited for him to start laying down some tracks.

Johnny O: If you had the opportunity to work with any other artist out there, who would be the most exciting for you?

Madecipha: Look I’m not just saying this because it’s you guys, but I have worked with Esham, Canibus, and lots and lots of people. I’m hoping by years end i get a verse from Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang, but I walk around and already have an idea for a song with ICP. I have seen them 65-70 times in 11 states, numerous trips from CT to Detroit. I’m by no means a juggalo rapper and I really went on my own path with my music but I want that one the most and I hope one day I can make it happen. I gave J my book a few weeks ago and I told him that. I’m hoping after the Gathering we are on their radar. Fingers crossed.

Johnny O: Who have been your biggest influences throughout your career?

Madecphia: ICP, Marilyn Manson, Wu-Tang, Twiztid, Esham, Biggie, Nas, Canibus, Gravediggaz, Bone Thugs N Harmony. I like alot of grunge rock too. I’m a 6’4 dude, I have dreads down to my ass and I’m pretty intimidating, but at any moment I may be listening to Ben E King or the Shirelles. I have such a broad taste in music, like  Meatloaf, Steely Dan, The Scorpions, Etc. As far as hip hop, I like that golden era nyc 92-97 shit and obviously the ICP/horrocore scene.


Johnny O: Your passion is obvious, but what truly inspired you to make music in the beginning?

Madecipha: I remember when I was 4 or 5 listening to Genesis’ “Invisible Touch” on this cheap tape player and bobbing my head. Then I saw the video and I knew I was supposed to do something with music. I was dealt a shitty hand in life, thats another story (my next ep) but I managed to somehow stay focused on this and just find ways to make it work. Whether or not people dig my tracks, a lot of people tell me I inspire them because I am so focused. My motivation is insane. I’m in the studio all day every day. I own my own studio. My whole life is based around me as a musical artist, it comes first. I have no kids. It’s what I eat, sleep and breathe. Failure is not an option.

Johnny O: There’s no doubt that you’ve had those that supported you through everything, so who have been the biggest inspirations that keep you going?

Madecipha: Getting easy pussy is always a personal favorite of mine, I’ll never get sick of that. Ya I’ve had a core of supporters throughout the years that have come to the big shows, Toad’s place and all the little local bar shows in between. Jeanie C, Luna, Paulie Walnuts and Ron Vlake. The CT hip hop scene is kinda ruff, there is a lot of talent here it’s just all politics and everyone is kinda self driven. I try and stay away from all that. I’m a very humble dude, I’m just happy that I was given this talent and that I am able to make music full time with people who dig me and that means the world to me. I hope to take it to the next level and I’m not gonna take any breaks. I work hard man, and I believe all that hard work will pay off sooner or later.

Johnny O: So, who is Madecipha currently listening to?

Madecipha: It varies from day to day, that’s the beauty of YouTube and smart phones. I like this voodoo rock guy from new orleans named Dax Riggs and there is a local band from New Haven called Tanuki Suit that I’m into. I been bumping Freeze’s “Red Snow 2” since it just dropped, but ya, its like I’m walking with headphones and within that 20 minutes I listened to Tech N9ne, Alice in Chains, The Crystals, Marilyn Manson and Justin Timberlake. I’m all over the place.

Johnny O: I hate this part of the Underground Spotlight, but I think we have to wrap things up. Can you give us a couple of shout outs before we officially say goodbye?

Madecipha: Well I just wanna say I am very appreciative for you guys taking the time to do this for me and it means a lot, I’ve been around for a while so this is really dope. S/O to my manager Ez Bluez who corresponded this whole thing, my SBR friends and fam, Freeze, Xplizt and everyone who supports. See you at 3 am on the Pendulum stage Thursday night/Friday morning!


That will close out another amazing interview here at the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want give a Big THANK YOU to Madecipha, Ez Bluez and the whole Spider Bite Records crew out in Slime City. Congratulations to Freeze, Madecipha, Xplizt, Spider Bite and the Mercy Counts families for getting the chance to perform at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos.

If you like what you heard, saw or read here today be sure to head over to one of the links below and show some support. Check out the full review of Madecipha’s new album, “Arapnophobia.” Also, make sure to stop by and check out UFO’s set at the Gathering and snag a copy of their brand new album.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.


Madecipha Website

Spider Bite Records Website

Madecipha Facebook

Ez Bluez Facebook


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