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Meet Your Makers

Unlimited Future Objectives (UFO)

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Mercy Counts Records’ Freeze and Xplizit join forces with Spite Bite Records own Madecipha to form UFO. Meet Your Makers, which dropped at this years Gathering of the Juggalos, is a showcase of each artists talents and as you’ll hear me say (a lot) a perfect example of why these three were destined to form this group together. The energy, passion, drive, talent and ability to mesh together so well is clearly present throughout. So, let’s get into this thing track by track and be on the look out for our upcoming interview with the trio.

I’m happy to say that this album kicks off with a bang as we are greeted by the opening track, “Welcome Home.” A slow ominous start quickly picks up and gives us a bass knocking, head bobbing beat that is perfectly mirrored by the energy of this group of diverse rappers. While everyone delivers solidly it’s the chemistry that these three have together that truly stands out. As they say, “Make way for the UFO.” It’s always great when an album begins with a solid track, but it’s even better when we get a real glimpse of the craziness we are in store on the album that follows. 4.5/5

Star Fighter” progresses things further with a spacey beat that carries throughout the track and is a nice canvas for the lyrics to paint themselves on. Honestly, the hook isn’t the best on the album; it is nice to see everyone getting a chance to contribute in all aspects this early in the album. Once again Mr. Freeze, Madecipha & Xplizit gives us some solid lyricism. 3.5/5

As we really start to move into the depths of UFO’s debut album, “Brain Transplant” doesn’t hesitate in dropping the window rattling heavy bass. Things begin pounding and Madecipha starts things of in furious passion, he also gives us a decent chorus that eases us perfectly into another devastating verse from Mr. Freeze. Not to be out done, Xplizit finishes things off in spectacular fashion by pushing further into the heart of horrorcore’s roots. 4/5

The title track, “Meet Your Makers,” gives us another other worldly beat, but also has some nice scratching that offers a slight twist that keeps thing feeling fresh. The hook is really where we get some heavy scratching and while it isn’t much, it still seems to fit the track itself rather well. Lyrically, both Madecipha and Freeze deliver on point with another great display of the ability of horrorcore. Though the entire track feels solid, it does end up feeling as though something is missing. Honestly, this probably because someone is missing… this track sadly doesn’t see Xplizit join the boys. 3.5/5

As if to make up for her absence on the previous track, we get Xplizit acting as a sort of announcer as she introduces Madcephia. Things start off smoothly as Madecipha delivers an alien like verse with a nice horrorcore twist. While the beat on this one is more simplified then we’ve seen previously it does offer a little guitar riff that lingers in the background. Xplizit returns to give us a great hook that holds everything together as we transition from Madecipha to Mr. Freeze. Overall, “Aww Shit,” once again displays everyone’s ability to bounce off one another and create a unified concept. Though we once again don’t get a verse from Xplizit herself, her hook and introductions keep things fresh. 4/5

Pulling things back, “Religion,” sits on top of a slower and darker beat. Don’t take that comment in the wrong way, with this beat comes another chance to show the diversity of this album and it is a welcome change. Madecipha starts us off again and also shows his skills to deliver a rapid-fire hook. Freeze quickly joins the track and both pull from within to gives us a thoughtful look into the touchy subject of religion itself. Xplizit doesn’t show up here, but the others do a great job of holding things down and giving us another solid example of why Mercy Counts Records and Spider Bite Records were always destined to untie. 4/5

Fright Night,” kicks things off with an old school feel and carries a mellow vibe throughout the track. Though the title would seem to indicate a heavily horrorcore track is in store for you, that simply isn’t the case for this one. It’s another welcome side of the trio that works well, but this is another Xplizitless track., so perhaps trio wasn’t the right word. Either way, Madecipha and freeze toss verses back and forth with style. The hook is simplistic, but as I said that actually gives it a nice throw back feel. 3.5/5

This is another track that seems to swell in anticipation of the first verse and starts with a positive message. “Swing for the Fences,” is really about taking chances and how standing by can only mean you aren’t giving yourself a fair shot. As the hook echoes, “Because if you’re a spectator, all your going to do is see everyone else hit a homerun today.” 4/5

They Don’t Want War,” brings the bass pounding and hard-hitting verses back in full effect. Xplizit comes back this time around with a killer chorus about the fakes who talk a lot, but have no intention to back it up. While everyone is on point and the hook is great, I still would have liked to see Xplizit drop a verse. In the end it’s a solid track with a great hook to tie it all together. 4.5/5

A head nodding beat ripples along this track’s spine and Freeze wastes no time as his verse literally kicks in as soon as the beat drops. “Attitude Problem,” is truly a vibing track that keeps you moving. Xplizit comes back with a nice and much awaited killer verse. Freeze opts to take control of the chorus on this one and manages to continue the vibe flowing. It may be one of the shortest tracks on the album, but all three members are seemingly on top their game on here. 4/5

A haunting and ominous intro slowly seeps into a bass heavy beat that crushes the speakers. Simply titled, “O” and featuring a hook just as simplistic in manner is surprisingly impactful. Xplizit kicks things off and reminds you why you were missing her on some of the previous tracks. Everyone delivers once again and drive home the point that this trio needs to continue working together. 4.5/5

A beautifully dark organ opens up as the wind begins to howl and set the atmosphere for this slower paced track. “Fire in the Sky,” is truly what you may be expecting from a group called UFO and the theme of the extraterrestrial works really well. Even the hook Freeze comes with drives this theme home even further. All around, conceptually, this is a well thought out track. 4.5/5

Magica Negra,” starts with an almost mantra like chant before heading back into the bass heavy, head bobbing territory. Freeze, Xpilzit and Madecipha all taking turns throwing out spell casting verses with the quickness. Xplizit also blesses us with a solid hook that carries the black magic theme. Thought the track seems to end rather quickly it isn’t because it’s extremely short, but extremely intriguing and showcases their ability to carry a solid theme once again. 4/5

Though, “IDGAF,” is another slower track it’s an amazing testament to how versatile this group truly is. As expected the lyrics reflect the title as the trio tells us why they just don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about them. This is truly a song about self-empowerment, not caring what others think, just being you and enjoying yourself. 4.5/5

A nice haunting howl starts, “Fear,” off in the right direction. Though the track covers a wide variety of aspects concerning fear itself, it’s the chorus that stands out here. While the track is great overall, it’s Freeze’s ability to step outside the box and really sing this hook that gives it a whole different feel. It also doesn’t hurt to hear Madecipha sneak in a few subliminal nods to some of the big names in our scene, like Twiztid, Blaze and ICP themselves. 4.5/5

I’ll give you that, “The Bloodening,” sounds like a B-movie title, but it fits when you hear where this one goes lyrically. Diving deep back into the vicious side of horrorcore, Madecipha and Freeze conjure up a horror movie like inspired track. Things finish off with a nice little prank skit, which may seem out of place at first, but it has a nostalgic feel to it. It actually reminds me of the old skit from 1 Less G in The Hood, where Alex, Twiztid and the crew prank call Blaze about his album getting erased. 4/5

Mothership,” comes in hard, but is a rather mellow track with Madecipha opening things up. Freeze once again takes the helm on the hook and while you would expect a more other worldly style, it is more of that brutal horrorcore wonderfulness. Honestly, it seems more like a metaphor for taking over the scene and not stoping until their goal is achieved. 4.5/5

Closing things we get, “The Stand,” which focuses on those people and things that you are willing to take a stand for. It’s nice that not only do we end things on a more positive note of self-empowerment, but also each member of the trio does a great job of enforcing this uplifting message. Though the bass does hit through the track, it’s the addition of the violin that sets this track apart and makes for a great note to end on. 5/5


Though this isn’t technically a debut album for any one member of this trio, it is the debut for the collaboration that is the Unlimited Future Objectives (UFO) and it’s an amazing debut. Even if you haven’t heard of Freeze, Xplizit or Madecipha it’s immediately clear that they were meant to come together. In the end, this is a powerful and thought provoking album.

The variety present on this album is refreshing and impressive, from hard-hitting to horrorcore to empowering and back. This album seems to have something for everyone and after hearing it I can only imagine you’ll be seeking out each artists individual albums. Not to take anything away from them as solo artists, but I’m already on the look out for what’s coming next. 4.5/5


  1. Welcome Home
  2. Swing for the Fences
  3. Fear
  4. The Stand

Record Label:

  • Mercy Counts Records & Spider Bite Records

Release Date:

  • 07/20/2016




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