June 10, 2023
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New Releases

Kottonmouth Kings – “The Buddah Shack”

Tracklist: 01. Buddha Headz 02. Eternal Speed (Feat.C4mula) 03. Jump Over 04. Fuck Whatcha Heard (Feat. Saint Dog) 05. Walk The Line (Feat. C4mula)

Snak The Ripper – “Just Giver”

Tracklist: 01. Just Giver 02. Don’t Leave 03. What I Do 04. Karma 05. Alive (feat. Jaclyn Gee) 06. Eight Hours a Day 07. Too

Tali Demon “Inspire Greatness”

Track List: 1. Inspire Greatness 2. Reasons 3. Kid Khameleon 4. Combat 5. Darksol 6. Damn Fine Day 7. Leon 8. Where The Run Rizez

Lil Wyte – “No Sick Days”

Track List [email protected]#! an Intro Mighty Mafia Three High House Party Run Up (ft. La Chat) SJGR Soon You’ll Understand Cant Take No Mo (ft.

Twiztid – “Get Twiztid”

This Ep features Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Dom,  Da Mafia 6ix, Chris Weeby, Kung Fu Vampire, Whitney Peyton and R. A. the Rugged Man. Tracklist:

Dizzy Wright – “State of Mind”

Tracklist: 01. State of Mind 02. Everywhere I Go 03. Reunite For the Night 04. Too Real For This (feat. Rockie Fresh) 05. Nuttin Bout

Twiztid – “For The Fam Vol. 2”

Tracklist: 01. The Losers Win 02. Set it Off 03. Mutant X [Severed by Seven Remix] 04. Gettin’ Wu Wit It – Zodiac Mprint 05.

Axe Murder Boyz – “The Garcia Brothers”

Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Us Against The World 3. M.O.E. 4. I Get Even 5. Smoke Kush 6. Might Go Mad (feat. Insane Clown Posse)

JellyRoll – “Biggest Loser”

Tracklist: 01. Bad Times Roll 02. We Got Next 03. Before My Dogs 04. So Long 05. Goodnight Shirley 06. Fire That Dope Up (feat.

STiFF HA – “Something’s Wrong”

Tracklist: 1. Stupid 2. Comin’ Home (feat. Chuck Magid) 3. Just Sayin’ 4. Kidney Stones 5. Something’s Wrong

Moonshine Bandits – “Cali Country”

Tracklisting: 01. The Moon Shines (feat. Jeremy Penick) 02. Throwdown (feat. The Lacs) 03. Burn (feat. Big B) 04. We All Country (feat. Colt Ford,

Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy – “B.A.R. (Bay Area Representatives)”

Tracklist: 01. Never Left 02. Bout To Be a Fight (feat. Gangsta Boo) 03. A Call from tha Dope Mane (Skit) 04. M.P.W.L (feat. Thug

Whitney Peyton – “On The Brink”

Tracklist: 1. Made You Look ft. UnderRated of Potluck 2. Storybook 3. Boom Ba Yay ft. Spice 1 4. Woopty Woo Woo 5. Cold World

Brotha Lynch Hung – “Gas Station 2: The Lost Files”

These songs were made between the years of 2004-2006! Herbals The Spyda Horizontal A Problem You Don’t Know Remix What They Want ft Papoose Knocc

Æquitas – “Drippin’ 2 Hell”

An infusion of American Horrorcore and German Splatterrap, listen as Æquitas and some of Germany’s best underground rappers take you on a journey through hell.