June 14, 2024
18 Guests and Online

The Killjoy Club – “Reindeer Games”

The ultimate hip-hop supergroup is HERE! Insane Clown Posse and Da Mafia 6ix have combined forces to form…The Killjoy Club! This devastating debut album “Reindeer Games” combines Detroit wicked shit with bass-heavy Southern hip hop that must be heard to be believed! 16 tracks of pummelling flavor that will leave you limp!


1. Intro
2. Don’t Fuck Wit Me
3. Surprize
4. Jump
5. Panic Mode
6. Hammer Time
7. Fools
8. It’s A Murder It’s A Kill
9. Ghetto Blaster
10. Devil Made Me Do It (feat. Big Hoodoo)
11. Rambo (feat. Boondox)
12. Braver Than Me
13. Double Clutch
14. Live To Kill U
15. Fuck Death
16. Outro

Album Credits (Via B&N):

Performance Credits
The Killjoy Club Primary Artist
Michelle “Sugar Slam” Rapp Chant

Big Hoodoo


Guest Appearance

Guest Appearance

Young Wicked Vocals
Technical Credits
Kuma Composer, Programming, Producer, Engineer
DJ Paul Composer, Programming, Lyricist, Producer, Engineer, Concept
F.N.A. Engineer
T-Why Composer, Programming, Producer, Engineer
Michael “Seven” Summers Composer, Programming, Producer, Engineer
ICP Producer, Engineer
K.O.M. Composer, Programming, Producer
The Killjoy Club Composer, Lyricist, Concept
Young Wicked Composer, Lyricist, Concept




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