May 25, 2024
7 Guests and Online

New Releases

Bloodstepp – “Underground Royalty (Free)”

You can either purchase 1 instrumental for $5 or 15 instrumentals for $50. Once you purchase the instrumentals, you own the rights to re-name and

Turk The Terrorbull & The Odd Father – “ATF (Acid Tabs & Firearms)”

Such Symptoms As… Mahna Mahna (ft. Weed Richards as Citizen Kane) Authentic Trip Los Tres Chiflados (ft. Rabbid aka 2Bongz) LSD-25 Fiyya Loaded Guns Ellis

Lb-Sickning – “Another Pound”

1.My Heart My Head 2.Way Down South 3.Don’t You See 4.Rainbows In The Sky (R.I.P. Ashley N Wilson Memorial page) 5.When You Come Home 6.I

Krayzie Bone – “Chasing The Devil”

Wicked (Intro) Hold on to Ya Soul Cloudy Weapons of Mass Distraction The Money, the Power The Devil’s Deal Rise of a King (Fall of

Sutter Kain & Donnie Darko – “Laugh Now Die Later”

A Year Of Violence Glock 9 Pt. 2 (feat. BukShot & B2Wiked) Laugh Now Die Later Steady Mobbin (feat. Skeddy J.) Plate Full Of Issues

Prozak – “Black Ink”

Prozak’s latest CD, Black Ink, hit store shelves everywhere on 10/9/15, and here’s your chance to order your copy today. Black Ink is what Prozak

Ces Cru – “Recession Proof”

The Cru that is CES droped a new EP on 10/30/2015, you can order your copy now! Ubiquitous and Godemis are ready to show you

DJ Paul – “Master of Evil”

Legendary rapper and producer DJ Paul—of Three 6 Mafia, Da Mafia 6ix and The Killjoy Club infamy— is getting ready to release his first solo

Bukshot – “Night of the Hunter”

1. Horrorthon 2. Night Of The Hunter (feat. Demi) 3. L.O.T.W. 4. The Butcher Shop (feat. Crucifix) 5. The Creep Show (feat. Twisted Insane, Scum,

¡MAYDAY! – “Future Vintage”

Tracklist: 1 Jettison 2 Fuel To the Fire 3 Can’t Take It With You 4 Won’t Wait 5 Coast 6 Dive (feat. Stevie Stone) 7

ICP – “The Marvelous Missing Link: The Outtakes”

Unreleased tracks from the Marvelous Missing Link recording sessions. Includes bangers from both (LOST) and (FOUND)…NEVER BEFORE HEARD! Tracklist: 1. Lost Intro 2. The Missing

ICP – “The Marvelous Missing Link (The Complete Saga)”

We know that lots of Juggalos out there are true audiophiles and music nerdies (you oughta see Shaggy 2 Dope’s vinyl collection). For those discerning

Young Wicked – “Slaughter”

Tracklist Slaughter Break Me Kill Em All Drink On My Fiff Dope Feat. Jelly Roll Yeah Hoe Scathing Uzi (Interlude) Go Menace Fallen Angel Gone

Moonshine Bandits – “Blacked Out”

Tracklist: 01. Dead Man’s Hand 02. Lasso (feat. Durwood Black) 03. She’s Crazy 04. Top off the Tank 05. Lady Luck (feat. Crucifix) 06. Come

KARDIAC – “In The Peripheral”

KARDIAC’s newest album, “In The Peripheral” was released as digital download on May 11th on FANGORIA Musick. He has since released a single and a