October 2, 2023
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Cryptic Wisdom – “X’s & O’z”


01. Talking To Myself (Produced By Sinima)
02. Problem (Produced By Hollywood Legend)
03. Up In Smoke (Produced By Sindustry)
04. The Sorrow Ft Booda (Produced By Sinima)
05. Feel Alive (Produced By Sindustry)
06. Look At My Face (Produced By Life & Death)
07. Days Like This (Produced By Anno Domini)
08. Know Your Type (Produced By Sinima)
09. Liar (Produced By Sinima)
10. Breathe (Produced By Sinima)
11. Fall From Grace (Produced By Sinima)
12. Man In The Mirror Feat Irv Da PHENOM! (Produced By Sinima)
13. Find A Way (Produced By Sinima)
14. Goodbye (Produced By Sinima)
15. When It Rains (Unplugged)
16. You
17. Smile (Produced By Baboo)

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