September 27, 2023
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New Releases

Kung Fu Vampire – “Come Dawn”

There’s all kinds of new music coming down the pipeline lately!  Today, Kung Fu Vampire also released his brand new album: Come Dawn!  So many

Hard Jawz – “Mare Creatura”

Hard Jawz has officially dropped his brand new full-length LP titled “Mare Creatura”! This is the third official album release from Shrunken Head Entertainment! The first

Super Famous Fun Time Guys – “How Do You Fit A Cassette In A Discography?”

It’s time, ninjas. They’re super, they’re famous, they’re fun, they’re guys, and they just dropped a brand new album titled “How Do You Fit A

borDen – “The Brain Jar” EP

Purchase/stream the album via Bandcamp here: Intro Out Here Zip Em Up (ft. DramaMan & Stalks Boogie) Feel Better Soon (Interlude) Take It Easy

Roach Joka – “Pandora’s Box (The Summoning)”

It’s August 16th, 2019 which is the release date of Roach Joka‘s brand new LP “Pandora’s Box (The Summoning)!” So that’s available right now, homies!

Church – “UnHuman Beings”

Former Mushroomhead member and current Jeffery Nothing member Church has just dropped a brand new solo EP titled “UnHuman Beings!” This EP contains four tracks

Ho99o9 – “Cyber Warfare [error]”

Ho99o9 has released a brand new digital EP titled “Cyber Warfare [error].” It’s seven tracks of 8-bit(ish) sounding horror metal mindfuckery! Check out the tracklist:

Liquid Assassin – “Tsunami”

Liquid Assassin‘s brand new album was just released today, August 12th! It’s called “Tsunami” and when it was up for pre-order, physical copies were available. Checking out though,

Choir – “The Set-Up”

A couple of weeks back we announced that Choirboy Dank was dropping a brand new solo EP titled “The Set-Up” on August 11th. Check out our original post HERE. As I

Murs – “The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey is Over”

A couple of weeks back, on August 9th, Strange Music Inc‘s very own MURS dropped a brand new digital album titled “The Iliad is Dead

Moonshine Bandits – “The Whisky Never Dries”

The Moonshine Bandits‘ latest album titled “The Whiskey Never Dries” is now available! This EP comes with seven tracks that are sure to make your eardrums flip inside out and do

Don Orias – “Parasomnia”

For those of you that don’t know, Shrunken Head Entertainment (SHE) is a newly established underground record label looking to breathe fresh air and new life back into the music

Ill Bill & Sunday – “Pulp Phixion”

Ill Bill has already dropped an album this year with Stu Bangas called “Cannibal Hulk” but he’s not taking a break just yet! Through social media, Ill Bill

Soopa Villainz – “Hit List”

Soopa Villainz greatest hits release titled “Hit List” was originally announced in the Insane Clown Posse‘s Fearless Fred Fury booklet along with a few other releases. It was originally slated to

Like A Villain – “The Dirt Beneath Our Feet Could Be Our Grave”

Listen to this album on Spotify: Track list: The Dirt Beneath Our Feet Could Be Our Graves Burn This Bitch Down True Love Searching 28-3