July 13, 2024
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Con-Crete – “Indulgence Of The Flesh: The Sequel”

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  1. Daddy Issues ft. Hollablack & Atlis
  2. Find Her
  3. Asshole ft. Shiddy Jesus
  4. Keep Her ft. Ethnicity & A-Town
  5. The Break Up Song
  6. OMG ft. Ethnicity & Shiddy Jesus
  7. Dungeon ft. Randum 45
  8. Pick A Number ft. Atlis, Hollablack, & Trilogy
  9. What They Say ft. The Halfrikan & Sean Day
  10. Choke Fetish ft. David Bradley and The Chaingang
  11. Nowhere ft. David Bradley & The Chaingang
  12. Strip Club Massacre ft. Dezlooca & Sinnochio
  13. Hoe-Tel Room ft. Big Frank
  14. The Stalker (ICP COVER)
  15. Voice Mail ft. David Bradley & The Chaingang




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