June 5, 2023
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New Releases

Like A Villain – “The Dirt Beneath Our Feet Could Be Our Grave”

Listen to this album on Spotify: Track list: The Dirt Beneath Our Feet Could Be Our Graves Burn This Bitch Down True Love Searching 28-3

ABK – “Tampon Juice”

The second major Juggalo-related album that dropped today, July 26th, is none other than ABK‘s disgustingly titled “Tampon Juice” album! You can pick this up right now

Damien Quinn – “Disorder”

Are you ninjas like me and like to draw the curtains, dim the lights, sip some Faygo from a wine glass and listen to the

Demonchrist – “Lucifix”

Former “mediocre” horrorcore rapper Trash Gordon has started an experimental horror-punk blues metal band called “Demonchrist!” He’s been out of the game for years but

Loc Saint – “Angelix”

The highly anticipated Loc Saint album “Angelix” is officially out now!  This harmony based album is yet another first from Loc Saint music. The album

DCK – “The Samurai”

DCK is an artist who grew up in Gary, Indiana.  He started to write his own lyrics when he was about 10 or 11 years

Nyro The MadMan – “Backwoods Bastard”

Nyro the MadMan has just released his full length release “Backwoods Bastard” and the shit is hot, ninjas! One intro and 13 tracks of wicked

King Gordy & Jimmy Donn – “How To Gag A Maggot: Reigning Blood”

Remember when King Gordy & Jimmy Donn released that How to Gag a Maggot album back in 2017? That shit was dope as hell and now, two years later, they

Mr. YUG – “20 Years of BANGers”

For you ninjas that have been tunneling deep into the underground for the past few years, you’re familiar with Mr. YUG. This ninja has been performing

Brutal Business Ent – “Anthems From The Asylum”

Brutal Business Ent Presents “Anthems From The Asylum”  A 12 song exclusive mixtape from BBE. You wont find these tracks on any other project. Pick

CastleHill & Devereaux – “Phase 1” EP

Devereaux , Producer of many Ouija Macc & Insane Clown Posse  records & Castlehill up and coming guitar prodigy. This new EP blends Devereaux’s  fierce

Gibby Stites – “Channel Surfing”

Gibby Stites‘ brand new EP “Channel Surfing” comes in a classic jewel case with 5 bonus tracks (12 tracks total) including one completely unreleased song

Shoestring – “The Bake Up Boy”

Shoestring of The Dayton Family has just released a new solo album titled “The Bake Up Boy!” You can pick that up on pretty much every digital platform by CLICKING HERE or if you’re

UBI of Ces Cru Releasing First Solo Album July 26th

Ubiquitous (UBI) of Ces Cru has officially announced his debut solo album: Under Bad Influence. The record is set to release on July 26th and

Bukshot & Turncoat Dirty – “Hell’s Kitchen”

Bukshot and that ninja from the dirty south, Turncoat Dirty have released a full length LP album together titled “Hell’s Kitchen!” The new album comes with 11 brand new tracks of wicked