June 10, 2023
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New Releases

EVIL – “Every Villain Is Looney”

The long awaited debut of Massachusetts hip hop duo EVIL. Tubzilla and MacDaddyMillz join forces to bring you into a world of chaos and conspiracy.

The Archetype – “Apotheosis”

Purchase the album: https://thebrimstonelab.com/album/884782/apotheosis Debut Album from St. Louis, MO’s Prince of Darkness: The Archetype! All instruments performed by Joe Phipps Additional keyboards, synths, and

The Fallen Son – “October30Worst” EP

The Fallen Son returns to (arguably) his roots with this moody, melancholy, macabre masterpiece! It’s been over 5 years since TFS gave an underground Halloween

Statik G – “Terrorist”

Purchase from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/terrorist/1435716272 Terrorist Let Me Out Bananas (ft. Underrated) Can’t Hang Wit Us (ft. Ian Taylor) What You Say Play My Song (ft.

The Michigan Misfits – “The Black EP”

8 Brand new tracks to finally complete the story of The Rabbit. Featuring special guest Mastamind, Beat production by Noctur Beats, & Live cuts by

Ill Child – “Help Me”

Purchase/Stream the album here: https://theillchild.com/ill-child Intro Fading Into Madness Burn It All Down The Warning Murder In The Pines Blood Moon 2018 Help Me Don’t

UBI – “Under Bad Influence”

Purchase/Stream the EP here: http://smarturl.it/ubi1 Read ‘Em And Weep What If? The Quill (ft. The Palmer Squares) The Good Guy

MiSiDENTiFiED – “Say Something” EP

Shock, Dash, and J-Dirty team up for a brand new 8-track EP! It’s been 7 years since the last misidentified. This is the group’s second

Crackle Kapone – “Alexithymia”

#YesSER When you cant explain your feelings , when you cant express the true happenings within yourself you are faced with #Alexithymia Let this audio

Ghozt Tha DMented – “Bangers From The Morgue”

Get the CD + Digital Download for $9.99: https://ghoztthadmented.com/album/837200/bangers-from-the-morgue The Intro Ghozt With The Most House Of Phantomz (ft. Playboy The Beast, Grewsum, Delirious) Fuck

Słoń – “Mutylator”

A year after the release of the last part of the “BLACK SUN” trilogy from his group WSRH, Słoń returns with his new solo album!

Ero$ God – “Sapphire”

i want to be a voice for the lonely people. the heartbroken, the emotional, the ones up late at night deep in thought about relationships

¡Mayday! – “South of 5th”

Purchase or stream the album here: http://smarturl.it/SouthOf5th/ South Of 5th (Intro) Next To Go Shelter We Ain’t Sleeping (feat. Danny Acosta) Run Up (feat. Tech

Whitney Peyton – “Iridescent”

Purchase the album/merch here: http://www.merchbucket.com/category/WHITPEY.html Do It Again (feat. R.A. the Rugged Man & Rittz) Love You The Right Way Summer (feat. Craig Mabbitt &

Another White Rapper – “WXVE TVPE”

To purchase a copy send $13.00 to [email protected] via PayPal and add a note with full name/address to where the CD will be shipped. SVME