October 3, 2023
7 Guests and Online


Delusional – 3/24/06


Lavel – 3/19/06


Anybody Killa – 2/4/06


The R.O.C. – 1/24/06


KottonMouth Kings – 12/1/05


Tech N9ne – 11/3/05


Prozak – 10/1/05


Judge D – 9/22/05

Faygoluvers: Give us an idea of where Judge D came from and how you started rapping? Judge D: Started writing poetry in junior high, songs in high

Twiztid – 9/14/05


The R.O.C. – 9/14/05


Daddy X of KMK – 8/30/05

Faygoluvers (M-Peezee asks): Is Suburban Noize looking for any new artists? How would anyone interested go about getting a demo to you? Daddy X: We are open

Tech N9ne – 6/2/05


Marz – 5/26/05


Kevin Gill – 2003

Faygoluvers (Riddlebox1706 asks): On the create a wrestler, will you be able to put face paint on to make characters such as ABK, Dark Lotus, or

Wolfpac – 2003

Faygoluvers: First thing is I would like to thank you for doing this interview with us during your One day break from the Green Book Tour