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Daddy X of KMK – 8/30/05

Faygoluvers (M-Peezee asks): Is Suburban Noize looking for any new artists? How would anyone interested go about getting a demo to you?

Daddy X: We are open to hear new stuff all the time, as an independent label we have limited resources so a lot of times we can’t put out as many artists as we would like.

Faygoluvers (mrchaotic GONZALES asks): Who would you like to collaborate with on a track, or go on tour with?

Daddy X: Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Beastie Boys, Tupac, Sublime, Pennywise. I know some are dead, but that would bring them back…

Faygoluvers (mrchaotic GONZALES asks): Are there any songs from other artists that you would like to remake to put a KMK spin on it?

Daddy X: We have discussed doin a whole record of redoing covers, Classic Hip-Hop, it would be fun…

Faygoluvers (ShakyBonesDLOC20 asks): Who’s going on this upcoming tour with you? Anyone from Psychopathic?

Daddy X: Kottonmouth Kings, Sub Noize Souljaz (Big B, Dirtball, Judge d) , Mower, El Pus, plus special guest will rotate. Maybe Blaze.

Faygoluvers (ShakyBonesDLOC20 asks): How’s your leg, DLOC?

Daddy X: Healing, Loc is in therapy he’ll have a pimp limp for sure on this tour… Pimp On…

Faygoluvers (ShakyBonesDLOC20 asks): Why was Just Cause fired? Is he in Jail?

Answer: He was never fired. Him and Chucky Styles were in a group together D.G.A.F., and they had a falling out… Broke up before they ever did a record.

Faygoluvers (ShakyBonesDLOC20 asks): Are there any plans for a new KingSpade, Tsunami Bros, Subnoize Souljaz, or Judge D album?

Daddy X: Look for Kottonmouth Kings to Drop “Joint Ventures” Nov 15th, which will have 6 new KMK tracks, 2 new Kingspade, 2 new Daddy X, and 7 remixes as well as the whole KMK video anthology. Judge D will release his second CD “No Compromize” on Sub Noize on Sept 13 the CD features Daddy X, Richter, Big B, Dirtball, and the Japan version has a track with D-Loc. SRH CD/DVD “Supporting Radical Habits” compilation comes out on Oct 25. The CD features new tracks from Kottonmouth Kings, Richter, Slightly Stoopid , Pepper and more… Suburban Noize Records is putting out a box set on Nov 15 … Just in time for Christmas!

Faygoluvers (Rex P asks): Why dont the Kings, come to Alaska? There are alot of weed smokers and quite a few Sub-Noize Rats.

Daddy X: We would love to come to Alaska, we just need a promoter to step up the game.

Faygoluvers (Rex P asks): Is Richter, goin’ to come out with a solo cd anytime?

Daddy X: Richter did a solo song on the new SRH comp, we are working on another KMK , Kingspade, then maybe a solo Richter next summer…

Faygoluvers (ICP4500 asks): Will you be filming anything on the upcoming tour to release a new DVD like Endless Highway?

Daddy X: We try to always have the cameras rollin, look for “Put It Down” featuring Cypress Hill, and a stoney video for “Peace of Mind”

Faygoluvers (Chris Ringer asks): Are you and Twiztid actually going on tour together next year? If so, would KMK headline shows in the west, and Twiztid headline shows in the east as previously planned?

Daddy X: I have not officially heard any thing about a KMK, Twiztid tour… I think it would be fun to do some shows together… Clown love.

Faygoluvers (Darrin Miller asks): How come in your earlier albums you talk about being Underground and being proud of not getting radio play… yet in your later albums, like Rollin’ Stoned you’re happy you get radio play… “we’re on that radio now!” (Float Away)

Daddy X: Underground means to us existing outside the mainstream, which we do…we said we’re on the radio now cuz KMK went from Richter’s van to getting played on the radio… not very often but some is better than none.

Faygoluvers (Darrin Miller asks): You guys bring a lot of different flavors in your music, some songs are punk rock, some are great flows and rhymes, and others are guitar strummin’ sing alongs… how do you pull off all three so smoothly? What inspired you to have such a variety of styles?

Daddy X: There is so much to experience in this life and we like to be creatively open to explore whatever type of song moves us…

Faygoluvers (Christian asks): How much weed does each member of the Kottonmouth Kings (not including crew members) smoke a day? And how do you guys not have lung cancer yet?

Daddy X: That’s a good question… especially breathing all the smog and exhaust in this city…Who says we don’t.

Faygoluvers (Chase Rossner asks): When the Kottonmouth Kings go on their Fall Tour, will Blaze be touring with them like he was supposed to be doing during the summer tour?

Daddy X: It is a possibility but he has not been confirmed.

Faygoluvers (Contayjious asks): Has there or will thier be a attempt on KMK and Surburban Noizes part to dicuss a possible involvement in ICP’s Tempest LP? Say either some producing by Daddy X or a track featuring the Kings?

Daddy X: We are always open to do work with I.C.P… tell them to call us…

Faygoluvers (Jesse aka Buda asks): Will Saint Dog ever be rejoining the KottonMouth Kings in the future?

Daddy X: No, not as far as I can see, but he is a member of the Suburban Noize Family and he is working on a new record.

Faygoluvers (Joe asks): Are we ever going to see you in Canada again?

Daddy X: We hope to do a Canadian tour this year… What up to all the Kottonmouth Kanadians.

Faygoluvers (MoNoXiDeSyN asks): What is the best memory on tour that you remember from over the years?

Daddy X: There has been so many great shows and great nights…I really can’t pin point one… but we wrote a new song called Koast to Koast, and it’s all tour stories.

Faygoluvers (Kyle asks): I go to a school for sound recording and engineering. We are ALWAYS looking for well-known acts to perform at the school to give the students a chance to see what it’s like working with professional acts. I would like to personally invite you to the school. I’ll send a link to the website. ( (Expression is located in Emeryville, CA)

Daddy X: Are you paying…Food? Gas? Weed? Ect….

Faygoluvers (Baenre Drow asks):  Have you had a chance to listen to Twiztid’s new Mutant vol. 2 album? If so, how do you like the new sound of Twiztid ? Do you see any similarities in production styles?

Daddy X: I haven’t heard it yet. No Comment

Faygoluvers (Baenre Drow asks): Is there any posibility of seeing KMK and Tech N9ne do a tour together in the near future?

Daddy X: I would definitely say yes… our camps really get along…

Faygoluvers (Baenre Drow asks): Does anyone at Sub Noize Records have a favorite strain of bud, if so, which strains?

Daddy X: Check the Cannabis Culture Magazine, article on the website…

Faygoluvers (Baenre Drow asks): What does each member of KMK prefer to use; bong, pipe, bubbler, blunt wrap or zig zag?

Daddy X: Richter, Loc (bong), Pak and Bobby B (vaporizor), X (papers)

Faygoluvers (Todd Maxx asks): What happened with the Corporate Avenger?

Daddy X: He is still my brother and still as crazy as ever- I Love Him- Freedom is a state of mind is still one of my all time favorites.

Faygoluvers (xDiSx asks): Age may not matter, but alot of us in east texas are wondering how old Brad “Daddy” X really is, cuz hes still rockin shows like hes Richter n Loc’s age.

Daddy X: Timeless… Like good wine…

Faygoluvers (Michael Chrissos asks): Fire it up and the new self titled cd came out basically a year apart from each other, does this mean you guys are going to come out with new album next year around summer time again?

Daddy X: Yes we have Joint Venture dropping on 11-15

Faygoluvers (Michael Chrissos asks): Are you guys coming out with a Hidden Stash 3?

Daddy X: Yes… Someday…

Faygoluvers (Gooch asks): On Daddy X’s last solo ablum there were no tracks featuring appearances from the other members of the KottonMouth Kings (D-Loc/Richter/Pakelika. Will his new solo ablum feature appearances from them?

Daddy X: No- A solo joint is a solo joint… the new one is “Family Ties” revolutionary sounds of freedom.

Faygoluvers (Gooch asks): What do Daddy X and D-Loc think about Three-6-Mafia and would they ever do a collaboration with them?

Daddy X: Never thought about it… Sound fun…

Faygoluvers (Gooch asks): On the newest video posted on KottonMouth Kings website, they say something about a new KMK album. Is it already in the works?

Daddy X: Yes 11-15-05 “Joint Venture”

Faygoluvers (Gooch asks): Who is going to be on the fall tour? Can we expect a full Sub-Noize Souljaz show at some point?

Daddy X: Yes, on the Fall tour!


Interview Date:08/30/05



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