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Jamie Madrox – 4/7/06

Faygoluvers: You have Phatso coming out in two different versions, you have a new Twiztid album in the works, you’ve got the upcoming Twiztid tour, and you’re in the studio with Blaze. Not to mention the fact that you’re updating the hotline daily. When the fuck do you sleep??

Jamie Madrox: Damn! It would be fresh if I said something like the wicked don’t sleep! But I’ve been known to pass out from total exhaustion. My record is 3 days with no sleep at all… But that makes you feel all sluggish n’ shit so I get assorted hours of sleep from time to time to stay fresh!

Faygoluvers: How did the concept of doing two versions of Phatso come about?

Jamie Madrox: Well to be totally honest we were in the studio recording trax for Phatso and started talking about touring and the convo switched to talking about how all the merch guys that work for us always ask us what “secret merch” means? And we always explain to them that the Juggalos are most likely referring to tour-exclusive type shit and instantly this cartoon light-bulb appeared above my head, and I told Paul my idea of doing 2 versions of the album, one for the stores and one for the tour (exclusive style). I wanted to make them different so one will feature photo artwork and the other will feature some drawling tactics from me. They will differ musically, too. The store version features 2 trax that aren’t on the other, and the other has re-mixes, guests, and 2 exclusive trax so collectors like myself will definitely be wanting to add em’ both to their cd stacks.

Faygoluvers: Will there be a possible Phatso tour?

Jamie Madrox: As of right now I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t rule it out…. I think it would be fresh if me and Mono did a solo co-head-lining chain smoker/phatso tour… That would be cool as hell…

Faygoluvers: What can we expect on the upcoming Twzitid tour?

Jamie Madrox: I can tell you this… We have been really tightening up our game, we have been meeting with Billy-Bill on the daily regarding our set, and it’s been a minute since we’ve rolled out with the full stage set, i.e. a themed tour, so I’m completely excited to get out there and do what we do… Put it down for the Fam!

Faygoluvers: Any chance of some instores?

Jamie Madrox: Damn… I wanna try to answer all the questions… But some of em’ are outta my field of expertise, cause I’m not sure if we have any planed, but I do know that we have been talking to the folks over at Wizard Entertainment about making some appearance in the near future…. So ummmm ya… Probably.

Faygoluvers: Will we ever see a Twiztid autobiography? If so, what would you include in it?

Jamie Madrox: I’d like to say ya… We actually have several chapters written as we speak, but you know how it goes, with so much going on it always seems to get lost in the sauce. As far as what it would include, I would have to say (as it sits) it’s more a collection of short stories from me and Paul sewn together with some poems, and ramblings, and the complete lyrics to every published Twiztid song ever recorded as well as a phat section of fresh photos cause people like me like to look at pictures…. I’m more of an audio book kinda guy ya know?

Faygoluvers: How about a Twiztid underground comic book?

Jamie Madrox: We don’t have anything in the works, but I know for a fact that there’s mad Juggalos who got art skills… Shit maybe should hold a “Twiztid Underground comix contest” and let the freshest ninja or ninjet win a published 3 issue underground Twiztid comic mini-series… If your feeling the idea hit me back and we’ll put that in effect…. Shit, you never know, there might be an aspiring Jim Lee, or Todd McFarlane out there just waiting on this to go down…

Faygoluvers: Any Purple Show news?

Jamie Madrox: When we go on the road we’re gonna be viewing all the audition tapes in search of our cast, and then once we have everybody on the right page we will begin filming. We’ve also been kicking around the idea of taking the Purple Show on the road and filming the live crowd/audience for the over all old school live audience reaction (but still unsure on how it would work) the tickets would be limited as there would be sit down, watch, laugh and have a good time flavor rather than the “mosh pit” style audience a Twiztid show would have….. Kinda like Chappelle/Mencia type gig hosted by me and Mono.

Faygoluvers: What’s a merch item you’ve thought up that never saw the light of day, due to whatever reason, that you would’ve loved seeing made?

Jamie Madrox: That’s easy… It was the Dark Carnival action figure line… Just peep the flavor… It was ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze, for series one, series two was the Dark Lotus 6 figure Spencers exclusive box set, and Twiztid Batman and Robin chase figures limited to one set every 2 cases. Followed by series 3 (eras) which was Twiztid Mostasteless hoodie look, ICP Carnival of Carnage look, and Blaze self titled ep look, with the all fresh Jumpsteady mail away action figure offer printed on the package style. Series 4 was skittish covering Big Money Hustlers, and JCW wrestler legend the Rude- Boy…. But it only got as far as these proto-types I made to pitch the idea…. Tell me that shit ain’t dope!

Faygoluvers: Samhein Witch Killas album release?

Jamie Madrox: Believe it or not Halloween 2007 for sure!

Faygoluvers: Fritz The Cat solo shit?

Jamie Madrox: If he raps… I’m gonna get pissed! If he makes some shit to spin to get the party live I’m down…If he makes a solo production album and features various artists spittin’ over his beats I think it would do good, cause he’s good at what he does.

Faygoluvers: $85 Bucks An Hour part 2?

Jamie Madrox: Maybe on Cryptic 4 …. That’s my speculation…

Faygoluvers: Monoxide revealed in his Dimension X-and you mentioned it on the Hotline-that Twiztid are possibly signing a new artist. Want to speak on that at all?

Jamie Madrox: Yes, I will say this….. My brother and I will be revealing the new artist that you speak of at this year’s 7th annual gathering of the Juggalos.

Faygoluvers: What are some of the best movies to watch on tour when you’re bored off your ass?

Jamie Madrox: I watch seasons of shit like, Twilight Zone (Rod Serling is the man) Point Pleasant, Stephan King’s Kingdom Hospital, and Revelations… But nothing gets everybody hype like Amityville Horror the Possession… and the Changeling staring George C. Scott… Cause loud old fat guys are entertaining… Honorable mentions include celebrity sex tapes, documentary flavor, and bootleg dvd’s of old school WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Faygoluvers (from Cripple): Will there ever be another Dark Lotus cd released?

Jamie Madrox: I don’t think so, but who knows…

Faygoluvers (from Aussie Matthew): I’m an Aussie Juggalo but I wanna get a copy of the phatso tour edition, how can I get it? Can you and monoxide please come do some shows in australia, particularly sydney?

Jamie Madrox: Sorry ninja, we’re working on making our way out there but unfortunately no time soon. But if you send me your address I’ll make sure you get some Phatso luv for you to share wit ya chapter of the Fam….

Faygoluvers (from Ninja Tommy): Do you see yourself on the hatchet still in 5 years? and who is your favorite villain from the Batman series.

Jamie Madrox: Sure, we’re the other pillar in this bitch, we hold up the standard for what the word “Juggalo” really means, and we’ll continue to put it down for the Fam no matter what!
And probably the Joker, he’s the Clown Prince of Crime and both him and Batman blame each other for their origins and personal vendettas, not to mention he’s got that Andre 3000 kinda style to him with the flashy purple duds, and that green rocka-billy greaser hair do… Simply fresh!

Faygoluvers (from NotSlim1): All us Canadian juggalos want to know if you and your crew will be touring with ICP when they come to Canada this year? If not, does Twiztid have any formal plans in the works of crossing the border in 2K6 or beyond?

Jamie Madrox: Yeah, to my knowledge we’re touring through there this year, but check the tour section on that to be sure on the when, and where.

Faygoluvers (from Colten Grundy): Dear Jamie, i believe a little while ago you were taking requests from the juggalos as to who should be on the Mutant tour. what kind of feedback have you been gettin, any certian bands that we may see? (my personal choice would be Slipknot)

Jamie Madrox: We got all kinds of requests (like yours) and to agree with you those bands/artists like Slipknot, Korn, Ludacris, etc. would be off the hook for certain… but they all head-line their own tours, and would be more realistic for Twiztid to open for them as we have an under-ground following, and their’s are Mtv 50 billion main-stream house hold names. But we will be taking some interesting acts with us on the road this time around, and who knows maybe one day they’ll accept our fans to their atmosphere and some Slipknot/Twiztid flavor could be a possibility.

Faygoluvers (from TJ): My homies and I all agree that, while Madrox can flow like it ain’t shit, Mr. Bones is one of the sickest rappers to ever grace a mic. Is there a chance we might hear some of that old school Mr. Bones sound on some future recordings? Maybe SWK or something.

2nd part is Might we hear some old school Bones tracks live? Blam!! and Unrational would be my 2 picks.

Jamie Madrox: Yeah… I would say on the SWK record… You’ll find him and that all over it. Again it’s a possibility, I would say, if so, it would be during that solo colabo tour we talked about a few questions back.

Faygoluvers (from Roach): yo if you could ask him 1 of two things for me i’d appreciate it. 1st is twiztid coming to Grand Rapids anytime soon, and how many tracks are gonna be on phatso? thanx

Jamie Madrox: check the tour dates and 14.

Faygoluvers (from FAMUS): what up?? heres my question for madrox- the mystery show was yer very first lansing show ever……what was yer take on the show bein it was so chaotic with the girl getting her finger cut off……..6 barricades broken down by juggalos and the insane amount of juggalos thrown out of the show….literally like 200 juggalos were thrown out…..and the 40 to 50 security guards in front of the stage bein straight up dictators……pretty much…..what was yer opinion of the show and all the events that took place?? thanx……..FAMUS

Jamie Madrox: I think it was ill that that girl got her finger fucked up, but I would say that the club should be aware of the acts that are playing, and prepare accordingly… Music is powerful, and when it’s performed live it’s magical, and people go fuckin nutz! If people were calm and serine at shows millions of security, and bouncers across the word would be outta work…. And Tony Bennett, and Barry Manillow would be among the top grossing tours today.

Faygoluvers (from Drew): Yo, Madrox. I’m a skinny kid that loves food. You’re a fat kid that loves food. What’s your favorite place to eat? Peace, man.

Jamie Madrox: I like classy places like Taco Bell, and KFC, and of course Mc Donalds / Grimace headz stand up!

Faygoluvers: What are you looking forward to at this years Gathering Of The Juggalos?

Jamie Madrox: Seeing the Fam, rocking the Twiztid set, hanging out with the Los and Lettes.

Faygoluvers: Will we ever see another Twiztid DVD along the lines of “Born Twiztid”?

Jamie Madrox: Not any time soon, but possibly… I wouldn’t rule it out.

Faygoluvers: What would the chances be of seeing ICP, Twiztid and Blaze in a collective documentary about life in the underground on Psychopathic Records?

Jamie Madrox: Not too good.

Faygoluvers: Most people don’t understand all the shit that goes into making and releasing a record. What’s your favorite and least favorite parts of this process? Any particularly funny stories to share about recording sessions?

Jamie Madrox: My favorite part would have to be writing / performing lyrics, and my least favorite part would have to mixing, cause it’s a do it, do it again type thing that gets really tedious, and boring for me. As far as funny stories while recording Ummm.. Well there was the time me and Paul were recording at this studio in KC with our homies from Strange Music, and afterwords Travis took everybody to this dope as bbq restaurant and the whole time Prozak and Mono were fryin’ the engineer dude sitting next to me with bbq sauce all over his cheek saying shit like “this shit is good enough to dive into huh?” and when Prozak whiped bbq sauce on his cheek and screamed “I can’t get enough of this!” we all looked at the engineer dude and busted out laughing right in his face…. Not professional…. But funny as hell…. So funny that dude even started laughing while reaching for his napkin.

Faygoluvers: If you could make an album of covers consisting of your all-time personal favorite songs that you yourself would remake, what would be on it?

Jamie Madrox: Here it goes… Pear jam “black”, ZZ Top “touch”, Black Sabbath “war pigs”, Notorious B.I.G. “you’re nobody till somebody kills you”, Pink Floyd “breath”, Alice in Chains “them bones”, Fog hat “slow ride”, Motley Crue “shout at the devil”, Stevie Wonder “have a talk with God”, Kiss “Dr. Love”, Peter Frampton “all I wanna be” or “the crying clown” & Junk Yard Dog “grab them cakes”

Faygoluvers: When you venture out into the internet world, where are some of the places you hit up the most?

Jamie Madrox:,,,,,… as well as a few porno sites I’d rather not name

Faygoluvers: What do you think of websites like MySpace and LiveJournal and all that shit?

Jamie Madrox: I think they’re cool, but you really gotta be in to computers though… Cause I get lost in all that shit and end up with 30 pop-ups on my screen and just unplug the fucking cord and walk away.

Faygoluvers: Whats the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Jamie Madrox: Probably Cocoon, or Cocoon 2… It’s hard to pick, as they both suck equally, and feature the oatmeal Wilford Brimley dude.

Faygoluvers: How would you feel about a remake of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and The Exorcist? (Rumor has it that both Halloween and Friday the 13th are very possible.)

Jamie Madrox: It’s the dreaded remake ALERT!!!! Exorcist would probably be fresh cause of all the cgi possibilities… As for the others, if they’re done right I guess…. Or they could just make a decent sequel that doesn’t involve a “scream” pop cast… Ya dig?

Faygoluvers: We all know you’re a Mego collector and a fellow Batmaniac, but what are some of your favorite old school/new school toys? What about Cartoons?

Jamie Madrox: Mego World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, old school Ljn WWF Wrestling Superstars, Fat Albert toys old and new, Now Playing, Movie Maniacs and Reel Toys are dope for new school flavor / and I like to see more bands getting toys like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Beatles, Ozzy, ICP, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Sex Pistols, Motley Crue and of course more Twiztid toys is always a plus. As far as cartoons go, old school gots to be Super Friends, Fat Albert, Gi Joe, and Transformers. New school would have to be Aquateen Hunger Force, Family Guy, South Park, Boondocks, and Justice League Unlimited.

Faygoluvers: Since you’re a horror movie enthusiast, and since I’ve been asked this about 200 times, what would you do if zombies started to take over the world?

Jamie Madrox: Barricade the door, board up the windows, and load up the gauge, and wait for the president to drop the bomb, cause either way your fucked!

Faygoluvers: What famous person who’s been in the news lately deserves to get the fuck beat out of them?

Jamie Madrox: Probably George W. cause when you snatch people’s family members away from their lives, give them a gun and send them to war, and they come home in a body bag…. All the while this fuck’s playing golf… If he wants people to take to his war, I suggest that he himself gets some cammo on and leads the way… And not safely via TV…. Until then it’s all senseless.

Faygoluvers: Have you ever met the man himself, Adam West? If not, would you like an autographed picture of him? I’ve got an extra!

Jamie Madrox: I met him briefly at a car show, I was there with Alex and Paul, and he was cool, but his manager is a fucking nut-bag. We were trying to get him to do a vocal drop for Freek Show “I wanna be” And he agreed to do it, then his manager starts asking “who is Serial Killa?” and “is Juggalo the name of the interviewer?” dude thought we were a radio station, and rather than confuse the situation any further, we walked away. No I don’t got the graph, but when I was in Vegas I was going to buy this framed poster with the whole cast signatures from the og 60’s movie for $2000 but the asshole selling it wouldn’t let me pay with a check so I got the bone.

Faygoluvers: How much prep work goes into doing the hotline?

Jamie Madrox: About an hour to 2 hours a day tallying up caller messages, and meshing it with news of the day, etc… Although most people think I just get all fucked up and scream, but believe it or not, the bulk of it is scripted, and I am usually fucked up, but the Fam enjoys it, so I put it down for them.

Faygoluvers: If you could have a any special guest you wanted on the hotline, who would you pick?

Jamie Madrox: Well that’s tricky… Probably Tyra Banks to ask her why she’s so stuck on herself… I mean did you see her go undercover as a fat broad, then cry because people treated her different, and the most amazing part was the real fat chicks were comforting her…. (She gets to take the fat suit off) it’s demented how the self-centeredness rains supreme on that chick’s show.

Phat or Wack Game

Faygoluvers: The future remake of Evil Dead (without Bruce Campbell)

Jamie Madrox: Remake ALERT! Possibly if they can find a lead with the same charismatic sense of acting… It would be fresh…. I mean PHAT!

Faygoluvers: NWA-TNA

Jamie Madrox: probably tna

Faygoluvers: Barricade security guards

Jamie Madrox: on power trips WACK! Being cool doing they job… PHAT!

Faygoluvers: Cereal that is supposedly good for you (Special K, Grape Nuts, Twigs ‘n Tree Bark, etc)

Jamie Madrox: WAAAAACK!!!!!

Faygoluvers: Bands that scream and cry about their girlfriend leaving them for 5 solid minutes

Jamie Madrox: the minute duration really determines the total amount of love for said bitch. Hahahaha… But it’s weak and played out…. WACK!

This or That Game

Faygoluvers: Hardcore wrestling or traditional wrestling?

Jamie Madrox: hard core is dope when it involves ladders, and shit with big aerial pops, but just juicing is not hard core… And watching Andre get his arm wound up for 20 minutes is boring…. I guess hard core (og Hardy Boys) and they’re Juggalos so they got the kids vote for hard core bump champs. Crowd screams “Foley” and I also agree so give him the fucking belt already…

Faygoluvers: Old school porno or new school porno?

Jamie Madrox: I think old school porn cause all the 70’s chicks are fucking hot… Even the ugly bitches in old school porn get they old testies mixing and pushing liquid… Damnit did I just say that… Ya old school…. You can see bitches blowing horse meat, and getting pissed on, on the web… So ya new school is a bit too out there for me…. I guess that’s why I remain the ol’ school pervert.

Faygoluvers: Cedar Point or Six Flags?

Jamie Madrox: Cedar Point (Demon Drop represent)

Faygoluvers: Waffle House or Dennys?

Jamie Madrox: Waffle House (there’s nothing in the world that a dollop of flavor fry won’t fix)

Faygoluvers: Al Green or Marvin Gaye?

Jamie Madrox: although Marvin Gay was snatched away from life far to quick, Al Green has way more favorable tunes in my opinion… So, ya Mr. Green.

Fuck It or Chuck It Game

Faygoluvers: Shakira

Answer: the hips don’t lie… Shakira is a dime piece… FUCK IT!

Faygoluvers: Jennifer Tilly

Jamie Madrox: Jennifer Tilly gots some big ass titties, and the squeaky voice probably sounds nice screaming “harder!” so ya FUCK IT!

Faygoluvers: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jamie Madrox: nice, but nothing special… Kinda weak… CHUCK IT!

Faygoluvers: Dolly Parton

Jamie Madrox: Dolly got the kinda titties Pam Anderson tried to cop… She old but wearing them titties well…. Ummm TITTIE FUCK IT!

Faygoluvers: Cindy Margolis

Jamie Madrox: isn’t she that old lame ass Maxfactor make up model or something? CHUCK IT!

Faygoluvers: Thats it. Thanks for your time and Much Luv homie!

Jamie Madrox: Any time brother…

Much Much Family Luv
Jamie Madrox

Interviewer: AxSylum

Interview Date:04/07/06



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