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KD the Stranger

KD the Stranger
KD the Stranger - "Panic Attack (ft Madchild, Slaine, Demrick, Afu-Ra, Sonny Seeza of Onyx & Ak-eh)"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Worldwide motherfucking choppas! It’s your boy, and I’m back a lot sooner than usual. Hell must have frozen over, because I came out of my rock in under a month versus being like a locust and appearing every 17 years. You guys know I still like bring you fresh content, I just have to stop being so antisocial and avoidant.

So enough of that tangent. You must be wondering what unique interview I bring you guys this time. Especially after my last interview, I’m sure you’re wondering what curve ball I’m throwing right at your dick. This time is a lot more mellow, but oh so good. So without further ado, let’s get into talking about this interview.

Coming from toughest country on the planet, Ukraine, KD the Stranger is no stranger to the underground scene. Even if you’ve never heard of this multitalented emcee, he’s been grinding for a while. KD the Stranger has been able to work with small cats from Ukraine all the way up the ladder to the big kitties like Esham, Potluck, King ISO, C-Mob, Twisted Insane, Killa Capone, Madchild, and many many more. We dive into some of those artists he’s been able to work with in the past as well as talk about the features he has on his new project that just dropped LIVE EVIL : Rewised, Remixed, and Resurrected.

I was able to preview that album, and I can guarantee that this one is going to top the list of must have underground albums this year. There is a bonus perk with this particular album though is all proceeds go to helping those facing the war torn destitution in Ukraine caused by Putin’s War of Terror. So by buying and supporting this album, you can actually impact real people in Ukraine facing the horrors of war, starvation, poverty, death, and destruction. If you’ve been looking for a way to help Ukraine, this is a great start.

So juggalos, if I draw this too far out, you guys ain’t going to pay too much more attention. I guess I wouldn’t blame you. I can’t pay attention to me either. So I’d say the feeling is quite mutual. Fuck that BeZerkaveli guy. He’s just an asshole anyways. Anyways juggalos, you know the tag line. Enjoy…


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BeZerkaveli : I usually like to start off all my interviews by asking how you came up with your name?

KD: Nothing special here really. KD is my initials. When I started putting stuff out, Kevin Durant got drafted to NBA. I realized that’s using “KD” nickname won’t work because nobody will find me in the Google like that. So I added “the Stranger.” Just kinda liked how it sounded.


BeZerkaveli : Who would you consider as your musical influences?

KD: Oh, man! Different periods of time – different people. I’d definitely say Dave East, Royce Da 5’9, Tech N9ne, 50 Cent, Conway The Machine, KXNG Crooked, Eminem, Benny The Butcher, Horseshoe Gang, Slaine for sure. Slaine is on the album too! It was an honour to work with him.


BeZerkaveli : What got you into doing music?

KD: Just always wanted to try, because hip hop was always my thing. I thought I could do it well, so why not.


KD the Stranger

KD the Stranger logo


BeZerkaveli : You’ve been able to collaborate with a lot of artists very known in the underground. Will you elaborate for the juggalos some of the artists you’ve worked with?

KD: Oh, its been a long journey for me. I have worked with so many dope acts in the underground. I did songs or was on songs with KXNG Crooked, Kutt Calhoun, King ISO, The R.O.C, Gangsta Boo, Project Pat, Mr.Grey, Big Hoodoo, Bukshot, Lex The Hex Master, Twisted Insane, MAYDAY, Lo Key, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Godemis of Ces Cru, Stevie Stone, Sac Sicc & Bleezo, D-Loc, Dalima, Insane Poetry and list goes on and on!  


BeZerkaveli : You and I go back further back then we both probably realize, and I actually host a track of yours on my YouTube channel, TRAForceOne. The track being with juggalo fan favorite Killa Capone. How did you and Killa Capone get in contact? Long Sleeves was featured on his Manson album.

KD: Oh yea, I remember that! I also was on Sicfux WickedLeaks compilation tape, my song with Grewsum. Killa Capone is super dope and talented, cool guy! We just chopped it up online and he got me on his project, was an honor to bless that record with him. We also got another one with him, but on my project, the song called Enemy #1, make sure you check it out!


BeZerkaveli : You’ve also been able to work with one of my favorite artists, C-Mob. How did that come about?

KD: Just kinda the same formula as with Killa Capone, just chopped it up online and did the record. Remade it on this album, its called The Thing Returns, make sure you check it out! Visualizer is out on YouTube now! (See above video)


KD the Stranger Instagram

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BeZerkaveli : You’ve also worked with the likes of Madchild, another favorite of mine and juggalo fan favorite. What was that like, and what would you like the juggalos to know about that project?

KD: Madchild is definitely one of the illest, super dope guy. I was on songs with him before, and decided to get him on my project. It sounds crazy, you should def check that one out for real! 


BeZerkaveli : You just released your new project called LIVE EVIL. You have a ton of features on this album including even Esham and Mastaminds. What do you want the juggalos to know about this project?

KD: The whole project is basically me revisiting my old or unreleased songs, adding new features, new verses, new hooks, re-working beats. That’s why it’s called LIVE EVIL: Revised, Remixed & Resurrected. So most of the songs were in the making for years, and now I’m giving them fresh start, second breath so to say. The one called “Dope Game” with the legends isn’t an exception; it goes extra HARD!



Click here to get LIVE EVIL today


BeZerkaveli : Being from Ukraine, you’re life has obviously been impacted by the terror campaign by Putin. It’s from my understanding that you will be having all proceeds go to helping Ukrainians, correct?

KD: Exactly! All proceeds from this project going to help my guys in Ukraine. It’s the least I can do during these harsh times. It’s a compilation tape I put up for a good cause to generate more attention to the problem. So, it’s really important for me that you guys keep sharing and listening to this amazing international project for real!


BeZerkaveli : So if juggalos were interested in helping impact real Ukrainians and help them through these trying times, this would be a good way to help?

KD: Absolutely!!! Sharing the album, playing it non-stop, buying it from bandcamp etc. And just sharing the info about the war in Ukraine. More people gotta know and be aware about. Help any Ukrainian you know, even if its one cent. It can save somebody’s life. Pray for Ukraine


Kcreww Music Agency Facebook

Click here to go to KCREWW Music Agency Facebook


BeZerkaveli : How are you able to continue doing music through all this turmoil?

KD: Those are the records I mainly prepared before this nightmare started.


BeZerkaveli : What’s the worst part of the war right now?

KD: Civilians, kids, all the people dying for nothing. It’s insane. The world gotta do something about it. Ukraine is going to win regardless, but these deaths are horrible and senseless.


BeZerkaveli : I guess enough downer questions. You do a lot more in music then just rap. You actually also make beats and artwork, correct?

KD: Yessir, me and the guys at KCREWW Music Agency (u can put links here) got great team. We doing all the services possibly and working with all budgets. Quality work, affordable rates, fast turnaround. Foreign quality for sure. Get at us and see yourself!


Kcreww Music Agency Instagram

KCREWW Music Agency Instagram


BeZerkaveli : You also have album covers for sale for other artists to get exclusive prints for their projects, correct?

KD: Exactly! We did covers for songs with Conway The Machine (Shady Records/Griselda), The Game, Krizz Kaliko and many more! People be underestimating visual side of the music, but so many dope songs get overlooked because of the whack cover art. Don’t make that mistake, get at us! We’re going to kill it for you for sure!


BeZerkaveli : On top of that, like we addressed in the previous question, you are a producer that makes beats. Where could other artists find samples of your beats and your rates?

KD: Just hit me up directly. I have a great catalogue and great team. We’ew doing custom work too, work from scratch, remakes, remixes, everything. Working with all budgets right now too! Just hit me up personally, got hella deals almost every week. Don’t miss it! Foreign vibes for sure!!


BeZerkaveli : What’s your favorite thing about doing music?

KD: It’s the best therapy for me. Just that simple.


KD the Stranger

Brought to you by KD the Stranger


BeZerkaveli : Is there anything else you’d like to say in this interview that you felt we missed out on or you’d like to highlight?

KD: LIVE EVIL album I just put out is really unique bi-lingual international project you don’t wanna miss! So many dope legends involved. And this tape is put out for a great cause! Please share and support!


BeZerkaveli : My last question is always for artists to give a shout outs to whomever they feel like they want to credit, so here’s your time to give some shout outs.

KD: I want to shout out my whole team; those who helped me to make this project happen. Also some dope cats on the come up – U4ik – you gotta peep their stuff out (pure horrorcore rap, super talented. You’re going to hear about them soon.) Also Shady – dope, elite spitter, lyricist, his flow wild too. And last but not least my guy from Canada – Ak-eh, super dope emcee too! You’re going to hear about him soon too. Those are the guys that I’d like to highlight, please make sure you check their music out!


LIVE EVIL Original

Click here to hear the original LIVE EVIL on Bandcamp



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