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What’s up, Fam? Yes, I’m late as usual, but Happy New Year and I hope everyone is starting it out right. Greetings aside, we are back once again for a great new addition to the stacked line up of interviews we’ve featured here on the Underground Spotlight. Up next we have an almost undefinable Indiana based artist, ShockSumOne.

An undoubtly unique musical blend that runs a wide array of styles is only the start for this up and coming artist. Usually, I hold my thank you until the end, which I’ll still do, but I wanted to make sure to thank ShockSumOne & Karl Rosenow for giving Faygoluvers and all of the family here an exclusive listen to the latest track, “Old Me,” featuring Namahs & Jelly Roll.

So, while I could go on… Just hit that play button and let’s get this thing started already.


Johnny O:So, can you kick things off by giving the Fam a little introduction to the one known as ShockSumOne?

ShockSumOne: Well I was born and raised in Indiana and I’ve been making music since I was 13 years old(14 years). I’m independent and have no label currently. I write, record and mix all of my music. My name represents my style. I feel I can successfully pull off any genre and that is sure to shock some one hearing my words, my flow, and the song overall. I don’t think people would expect by looking at me that I can produce the music I do.

JO: Your musical style certainly varies, from EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and more. How has this effected you as an artist and do you find it gives you a lot more freedom, since you can literally dip into any genre you’d like?

SSO: Yeah, like I said I feel I can do anything and it sound legitimate like I belong to that genre, but in all reality I have no limitations or category you can comfortably place me in beside Rap/Hip Hop. It’s nice because I can harness different moods and emotions and make a track people can relate to but it makes it hard to find a steady fanbase. For instance when you buy a T-Pain album you have a good idea what it’s gonna sound like and won’t be too surprised with the exception of maybe the production, but when you hear my album it usually doesn’t sound like anything I have done previously, which is now 13 albums of complete diversity.

JO: I have to thank you for giving the Faygoluvers’ Family an exclusive listen to your latest track, “Old Me”, which features Jelly Roll. How did this collaboration come about and how do you feel about the end result?

SSO: No problem at all! I love the Juggalos and Lettes and am happy to get it to them first. Man, the Jellyroll collab was spur of the moment. I heard he was coming to town and hit up his manager and we were able to get Jelly into Azmyth Studios and get it done. He literally wrote the track and had it recorded in like 15 minutes! It was awesome to witness. Jelly is a super cool down to earth cat who deserves all the attention he is getting and I would love to continue our business relationship in the future.

old me graphic

JO: Would you say the track gives fans a pretty good idea of what to expect from your next release?

SSO: Eh, kinda. It’s more like a peek into the album with the sound of the hook and the outro and kind of a tie in from my previous album Grime & Gloss. My next album “Shock & Awe” is more of me singing than rapping, but I still have verses thrown in it. It’s like a mix of Nine Inch Nails, Static X and Orgy over industrial hip hop instrumentals with my twist to it. I understand it’s a stretch from what I usually do, but I’ve always wanted to make music like this before I had the urge to rap, so I at least had to give it a shot and see what happened and I’m happy with the results.

JO: Speaking of your next release, where and when will fans be able to grab themselves a copy?

SSO: Well my next release, “Shock&Awe” will be for free on Bandcamp and Audiomack this February. It will feature 10 brand new tracks, but if you want the JellyRoll track you’ll have to buy it on iTunes or grab the hard copy from my webstore

JO: Being such a unique musician, I have to ask how it has been for yourself in the underground scene?

SSO: It’s definitely been tough but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ve learned a lot and had the right amount of time I needed to develop and feel comfortable with my direction. It’s fun taking the scenic route and seeing the slow and steady progress. This right now is all the fun part. Once you make it there’s not much left to reach so I’m soaking it all in as I go.

JO: In the not too distant future, let’s say five years, where do you see ShockSumOne at?

SSO: Honestly it’s hard to say. I’ve got a lot of music stored to catch audiences ears with, its just hard to know what the people want nowadays. I’d like to say I’m getting on steady tours, big shows and providing for my family doing what I love.

JO: Where can fans, perspective fans or even new fans find more about you and your music?

SSO: My website is really a one stop shop. You can find anything you want to hear or want to know about me. My website is but if you really want to find me without the site, search ShockSumOne and I’ll pop up. I’m the only ShockSumOne in the world.

JO: Is there anything else currently in the works that you could let us in on?

SSO: I have another album I’m working on called “The United Caves Of Barbarica”. It will feature Twisted Insane, Lil Wyte and Eazy Money so far. I also have an artist I produce named Pierce The Prodigy coming out with his new mixtape “Just Because” dropping for free soon.

JO: Who have been some of your biggest musical influences in your life?

SSO: The biggest rap influences have been almost anything on Psychopathic, Strange Music or Hypnotize Minds. The biggest rock influences have been Korn, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.


JO: Theoretically, if you could reach out to any one artist for a collaboration, who would it be and why?

SSO: Damn, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say Marilyn Manson for a hook if I could only pick one. He is nothing short of a genius when it comes to writing and his scream and tone is captivating.

JO: Over the years you’ve no doubt had your share of inspirations, who would you say inspired you to push yourself to where you are today?

SSO: I’d have to say failure and disappointment are my biggest inspirations. I don’t want to think about what could have been and let my talents go to waste so I just keep thinking of ways to make it happen. It’s difficult to find the drive sometimes when you feel like you’ve exhausted your connections and ideas but it just comes down to will power. I’ve had too many people tell me to never quit and that I’m gonna make it someday if I keep trying to give up now, along with sacrifices, time and money. I’ve put too much into this to let my dreams die.

JO: Right now, who or what do you currently find yourself listening to?

SSO: Right now I’m listening to a lot of German bands. I have German from both sides of my family so it kind of speaks to me even though I can’t understand it all. I’ve always listened to Rammstein but I’m currently listening to KMFDM, Eisbrecher, and Megaherz.

JO: As much I hate to say it, we do have to end this thing. So, let us end it right with a few shout outs before we go.

SSO: I’d like to give a shout out to Karl Rosenow. Without him I wouldn’t be having this interview. I’d also like to shout out Eazy Money, PFV, KEEF Tha Phonomancer, Planet Of The 8 Productions, Diehard Designs, all my producers, Namahs and J Biz R. But most of all I appreciate Faygoluvers for taking the time to give a shit about me. I’ve always kept tabs on the site and I’ve always been FAMILY. Whoop Whoop!


So, that will wrap up another edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want to thank ShockSumOne, Karl Rosenow and the whole crew again for everything. I know that everyone appreciates us being able to exclusively showcase the new track, “Old Me.” Make sure to check out, “Shock & Awe,” when it drops next month.

Now before I officially sign off, if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.


ShockSumOne Website

ShockSumOne Store

ShockSumOne Youtube

ShockSumOne Facebook

ShockSumOne Twitter

ShockSumOne Bandcamp


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    More fantastic work by Johnny O! Thanks ShockSumOne for taking part in this!

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    Hey homie did you watch rock it or sock it?? lol

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    How do I see this awesomeness?

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    Yeah, Violent J kinda ripped this dude a new one. To each their own though!

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    Hmu with a link if love to see what one of my idols had to say

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    Bad review but this track hardly scratched the surface of what he has to offer the world. Still love ya violent j!

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    go to psychopathic radio dot com, archives rock it or sock it.

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