February 2, 2023
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DJ Clay – 7/24/08


Dirtball – 5/28/08


Saint Sinna – 4/15/08


CLAAS – 4/12/08


DGAF – 3/24/08

Faygoluvers: How does it feel to finally have your disc hitting the streets and your no longer hyping DGAF up? Chucky: First of all I love ur

T.O.N.E-z – 3/23/08


Jade Jolie – 3/23/08

Brotha Biggumz: Well first of I wanna thank ya for taking the time out of your schedule for doing this interview for Faygoluvers.net Jade: Hey anything for

ILL E. Gal – 3/23/08

Brotha Biggumz: Well first off I wanna thank ya for doing this interview. I know how busy you gotta be. ill e. gal: Thank you for having

Cyco of Insane Poetry – 3/20/08

Faygoluvers: Who is Insane Poetry? Where are you from, when did you start, why did you start? Cyco: Insane Poetry consisted originally of Cyco, Dj Streek and

George Zelaya – 3/6/08


Grave Plott – 2/13/08


Danny Diablo – 11/25/07

Faygoluvers: What was it like for you, and how long to find out what your niche in the “music world”? Danny Diablo: I was always into music.

Tech N9ne – 8/25/07


Jahred of (hed)P.E. – 8/22/07


Playaz Lounge Crew (PLC) – 7/2/07