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Nico Claux (French Artist, Author, and Killer Cannibal)

Nico Claux, The Vampire of Paris
The Insane Clown Posse - "If I Was A Serial Killer"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Motherfucking freaks and weirdos who come out night to view my interviews after all these years and all these hiatuses (I thank you). I know I’ve been gone for a while, hidden in my dungeons below the streets of Minnesota, but I brought you something truly special. Probably something I should have saved for Halloween, but it was far too good to let this one sit for that long.

Juggalos, you did NOT read the title wrong! Not at all. Today’s interview, I really do bring you an interview with none other than a real life killer and cannibal from the City of Love; Paris, France. Fortunately, Nico speaks better English then almost half the interviews I’ve ever done; so you guys won’t have to worry about busting out the good ol’ English to French dictionary.


Fuck Vegan Go Cannibal Shirt

Back in 1994, Nico Claux gave into his darkest desires and murdered a man in cold blood. Luring the man with an early version of Craiglist, Nico shot him with a .22 handgun. Similar deaths happened at the time, but no such death was ever attributed to Nico, just suspected. Nico’s cannibalism was practiced when he worked in a mortuary as an assistant. Nico would try strips of human meat on people who were being embalmed (which something tells me is significantly more common then we’d probably like to acknowledge).

Nico did some time in French prisons, in which he received a gambit of diagnosis. In prison, Nico would find his real true calling in life, art. While in prison, he also started communicating with other killers and serial killers known around the world. These correspondences lead him to becoming a revered collector of serial killer memorabilia, and it also got him up close and personal with killers in ways the general public may never get to see. That insight offered him a limited and one of a kind view for the books that he writes.

Nico’s art really stands out. Pretty much almost photo realism portraits for some of his prints, tshirts have classic original designs, his skulls are unmatched or beauty (especially for being handcrafted. I have a little collection of resin skulls myself, so I have a fondness for these lol), he even transcripts this artistic talent into his very own Ouija board in which you can get the spendy one which has murder memorabilia added to the board, or the cheaper one which you can customize to have your favorite serial killers on). One of the favorite concepts of his art are his adult coloring books perfect for the macabre person in your life. He has something for everyone who likes true crime, serial killers, etc. Whether it be high quality realistic Ed Gein victim masks to Support Your Local Serial Killer shirts, he’s got something for you to enjoy.

Ed Gein Masks

Realistic Customizable Ed Gein Victim Masks

Nico also collaborates with another artist who does the action figures and busts for the website. I have hyperlinked his page, and everything else mentioned in here should be hyperlinked. Prices may seem steep, but honestly you’re dealing with handcrafted, unique, one of a kind products here. You’re NOT going to get this type of stuff anywhere else.

Honestly, I wouldn’t consider Nico a monster myself. The guy did some awful shit nearly 30 years ago, but he has obviously found a new path in life. I’m a big believer in people changing. I wanted to do this once in a life time interview with Nico because he’s quite truthfully a very rare gem. For the stigma that comes with his past, he’s actually a quite humble and extremely intelligent person. It honestly was quite an honor to have him come on to the segment I helped build and run over the years. I hope you juggalos can enjoy this quite unique and one of a kind interview. Nico has done plenty of other interviews and podcasts, but he’s never done anything for the juggalo world, but in the very end of this interview, he gave the juggalos a word to the wise I’d like for you all to view and appreciate.


Albert Fish Diorama

Albert Fish Diorama

So without further ado, here is an interview with a man that really lived what horrorcore music is all about… Enjoy!





BeZerkaveli : Usually I would start out most of my interviews with my starter question by asking artists where they got their name from, but that doesn’t apply. So I guess I’d like to start this interview by asking you how you felt with the name dubbed to you “The Vampire of Paris?”

Nico : They called me that in the 90’s, after the trial. I don’t specially identify myself with goths or wannabe vampires, but I guess that’s what makes their newspapers sell.


BeZerkaveli : On October 4th, 1994; you murdered your victim Thierry Bissonnier. You’ve covered in it other interviews and your confession, but what was it that pushed you from being morbidly curious about cannabalism and murder to actually doing it? You were much younger then.

Nico : I’ve always wanted to kill somebody, even as a child. The thoughts were too overwhelming to try to repress them. You can’t escape from them. So I did not let my fear of getting caught stop me from doing it. It could have been worse, anyways.


Capt. Spalding by Nico Claux

Capt. Spalding by Nico Claux


BeZerkaveli : During that murder, you used a .22 caliber handgun. As a gun enthusiast myself and a generally ignorant American when it comes to French firearm laws; why would you use such a low caliber pistol? Was it what you had access to at the time or what?

Nico : Yes. It was the only caliber that was legal. Plus, I used it inside a building. The sound was low, like slamming a door, so the neighbors weren’t alarmed by the sound of it.


BeZerkaveli : During that murder, you consumed some of your victim as well as consumed some human meat while working as a mortuary attendant. What does human taste like?

Nico : No. I did not consume any parts of my murder victim. I did not have the time to cut strips from him, but yes I would cut meat from the people that I stitched up after autopsies in the morgue. It’s sweet and very dense, like horse meat.

BeZerkaveli Post Edit: That was my mistake. I must have read something wrong, which oftentimes is my downfall. Disregard the first portion of my question. I left it as is just because I don’t want to destroy the flow of the interview or censor portions, even if it’s something I got wrong.


Support Your Local Serial Killer

Support Your Local Serial Killer T-Shirt


BeZerkaveli : After being able to consume human meat, you can speak from experience. Do you believe that it retains some kind of mystical properties in which the consumer can take part of the soul or entity of the person being consumed?

Nico : Yes. I felt a high when doing it. This is why I did it so often. I was addicted to it.


BeZerkaveli : You are also a fellow devote and practicing Satanist, so I have two questions in regards to that. The first is why or what turned you on to Satanism?

Nico : I had read a lot about traditional European satanism (what some people call theistic satanism nowadays), and it was the closest thing to what I believed in. Later on, I became familiar with Santa Muerte, and that’s what I practice now.


Nico Claux Art

Nico Claux Art

BeZerkaveli: What do you feel is most misunderstood about Satanism in your opinion?

Nico : There’s many different branches of satanism (Lavey, theistic, TST, etc). Each one of them thinks they are the best or whatever. I’m an outsider. I follow my rules. I write my own book. 


BeZerkaveli : Bonus Satanist question: What do you feel about the United State Supreme Court upholding Satanism as a federally protected religion in America?

Nico : Well it depends on how the US supreme court defines satanism. Devil worship? Laveyan? TST? I’m pretty sure they don’t even know. They sure wouldn’t like MY branch of satanism…


Nico in the Catacombs

Nico in the Catacombs

BeZerkaveli : Prior to the murder and even after, you have had the opportunity to be able to explore the world famous catacombs of Paris, in which it’s my understanding that you spent some extensive time in. What is your favorite thing about the catacombs, and in your opinion, what is the atmosphere like?

Nico : There are several areas in the catacombs. The only one I like is The Ossuary, where they piled up millions of bones. There are places like that all over Europe. Bone churches, charnel houses, you name it. Paris has the largest one, but I like Slavic and Portuguese bone churches too.


Nico Advent Calendar

Nico Advent Calendar

BeZerkaveli : Do you ever think that working in the mortuary helped contribute to bringing your fantasies to reality?

Nico : Oh yes, but when there’s a will, there’s a way. So, I would have found other ways anyways.


BeZerkaveli : You are an expert in serial killers. Who would you consider your favorite killer of all time and why?

Nico : Jack Unterweger from Austria. He spent some time in the Cecil Hotel, like Ramirez.

Jack Unterweger

Jack Unterweger


BeZerkaveli : You have written more than one book on the subject. You have a series called Serial Pleasures, in which you are currently doing research on 50 Russian Serial Killers and Cannibals. What can the juggalos expect from these books?

Nico : They are true crime books written from a unique perspective; from a killer’s point of view. The one on Russian killers will have never before seen pictures of their respective crime scenes and trivia published for the first time outside of Russia. They have the most brutal serial killers on Earth. It’s the ONLY book on the subject. 


School Shooters and Mass Murderer's Coloring Book

Teenage Terror the School Shooter and Mass Murder Adult Coloring Book

BeZerkaveli : How did you come up with the concept of adult coloring books based off serial killers and true crimes?

Nico : I thought that doing a Cannibal Killers Coloring Book would be fun. Then I also did The Serial Killer Pin Ups Coloring Book, and The School Shooters Coloring Book.


BeZerkaveli : What can you tell the juggalos about your book The Cannibal Cookbook?

Nico : It’s a must-have in any true crime collection. It has recipes from cannibals all around the world, and people love to display it in their kitchen. It definitely is a great conversation starter!

Cannibal Cookbook

The Cannibal Cookbook by Nico Claux


BeZerkaveli : You sell “murderabilia” on your website serialpleasures.com . How do you get your hands on these very unique collectables?

Nico : When I was in prison, I used to correspond with Richard Ramirez and more than 30 serial killers around the globe. They sent me letters and drawings. When I got out of prison, I understood that I had gathered one of the most unique collections of murderabilia in the world. 25 years later, this collection keeps on growing. I was recently featured as one of the 13 top murderabilia Collectors in Paul Gambino’s reference book on the subject.


BeZerkaveli : You contributed the fact you have no desire to kill due to your passion for art and your freedom these days. What inspired you to take your fantasies and turn them into creative works of art?

Nico : Violence is a dead end road. It sure is entertaining for a while, but it definitely narrows down your options in the long run. Creation offers you many more options.


Nico with Painting

Nico with a painting

BeZerkaveli : Were you doing art like this prior to the murder, or is this what you discovered afterwards?

Nico : No. I discovered art in prison.


Night Stalker Skull

Night Stalker Resin Skull by Nico Claux

BeZerkaveli : How long does it take for you to paint one of your resin skulls? All three available on your website are amazingly beautiful.

Nico : Thank you. It takes one week. I do them on request, each one is unique.


BeZerkaveli : If someone had a legally obtained skull or other human remain, would you be open to custom painting of real human remains?

Nico : Yes. I’ve already done it a few times. I have also painted on human scapulas and hip bones. They look amazing.

Pogo Skull

Pogo the Clown Resin Skull by Nico Claux


BeZerkaveli : How on Earth did you get grave dirt and fibers from Ramirez, Bundy, Gein, and Schaefer for your Serial Killer Ouija Board?

Nico : I have a wide network of collectors. People who live near the places where some of those killers were buried, or who own stuff that belonged to them, etc. I also own stuff that belonged to those killers. It’s easy for me to incorporate grave dirt, particles, or fibers from items that belonged to them on the Ouija boards that I make.


BeZerkaveli : You actually offer another Ouija board on your website which is a custom one with the customer’s favorite serial killers. How long does it take for you to fulfill one of those orders?

Nico : It usually takes one or two weeks.

Serial Killer Ouija Board

Serial Killer Ouija Board by Nico Claux


BeZerkaveli : I was actually watching a YouTuber (I forget whom) who had you as a special guest, and you guys were walking on a trail and you were talking about the local haunts. Do you believe in the paranormal or do you think that a lot of it could be explainable?

Nico : I believe that people’s energy stays around after death. Especially when they had a strong personality. It’s like an imprint. I had a few encounters in “haunted” places. The most memorable one was in the abandoned house of German cannibal Armin Meiwes.

Armin Meiwes by Nico Claux

Portrait of Armin Meiwes by Nico Claux signed by Nico.


BeZerkaveli : What’s next for Nico Claux? You are working on the book mentioned previously. Do you have any other major projects you’d like the juggalos to check out?

Nico : Check out www.serialpleasures.com for my products. I create action figures (the next one will be Dahmer), serial killer t-shirts, books, busts, etc. There’s everything for the true crime fanatic for any budget, even sex toys.

Nico Claux the Doll

Nico Claux the Action Figure


BeZerkaveli : Usually I like to finish these interviews with the person being interviewed giving shout outs, so here’s to the shout outs you want to give or not give.

Nico : Shoutout to my partner in crime Canibal Design who creates all the sculptures on my site, and Taylor from Cultcollectibles.org who I have been publishing books for. Follow me on IG @nicoclaux_official if you want to see the latest sale coupons for my site and see pics of my dark tourism adventures.

And one last thing for the juggalos: never let people tell you what’s wrong or right. Be yourself. Fuck the system! Never do what they think you will do next. Be unpredictable. Hail Chaos!

Nico With His Action Figure

Nico with his action figure



Serial Pleasures

Serial Pleasures Logo



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  2. BeZerkaveli


    Comment posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 12:44 pm GMT -6 at 12:44 pm

    You come to a website that has spent years promoting music that glorifies content once lived out by a real person to try to be Mr. Moral High and Mighty? I did this interview because I can learn how to let go over the past, and appreciate a person for who they are today; especially when they have artistic works that I know people are interested in. We’re sorry if your butthole hurts after seeing content that triggers you, but honestly your opinion would have been better expressed to a physical wall versus a virtual one. Your virtue signaling has no weight here.

    Here’s a word to the wise next for you next time. The internet is like the television. If you don’t like it, don’t consume it. Change the channel.

    You can refer to Nico’s response to critics in the end of the interview :)

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    Obviously, numbnuts here has turned his life around, I can tell by the merch he sells how humbled he is by his past. Listen, if you can’t spot the differences between what this nerd does and what ICP produced, you need more help than a comment can provide. Let me also dispell the ridiculous notion that your article offended me. I’m not related to Mr. Bissonnier, I was pointing out that pushing this is insensitive to THEM. Personally, I don’t give a fuck about Nico, he’s a nobody. If you are going to pursue a career in journalism, I suggest you work on your reading comprehension, in addition to considering being a bit more discerning when choosing an interview subject. This coward doesn’t deserve a podium. I wish you the best BeZerkaveli, and will be watching your career with great interest.

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    Sounds like the only difference now is that nico is slurping down living cocks instead of dead ones.

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