October 2, 2023
10 Guests and Online

Bloodstepp – “Underground Royalty (Free)”

You can either purchase 1 instrumental for $5 or 15 instrumentals for $50. Once you purchase the instrumentals, you own the rights to re-name and re-release with vocals and sell as you see fit. The only catch is, that you must name drop “Bloodstepp” in each track.


1. The Chainsaw Underworld
2. Get Blown Up With The Pump
3. Intermission
4. It’s Goin’ Evil
5. Hater Killer (The Juggalobot)
6. I’m Swaggin’ It
7. This Is Fire
8. Hater Killer pt.2
9. Pinball Wizzard
10. 2AM (Alien Abduction Music)
11. Trap Or Treat
12. Boba Stepp
13. Grand Theft Audio
14. Hater Killer pt.4 (Mechanical)
15. Hater Killer Five (The Malfunction)




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