October 2, 2023
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King Gordy & Jimmy Donn – “How To Gag A Maggot: Reigning Blood”

Remember when King Gordy & Jimmy Donn released that How to Gag a Maggot album back in 2017? That shit was dope as hell and now, two years later, they have a follow up EP!

King Gordy & Jimmy Donn presents How To Gag A Maggot: Reigning Blood.” This is the first EP released by the duo and comes with five tracks to bang while your driving, chillin, or playin’ 3D pinball on your laptop with your headphones on.

  1. Let Me Die Tonight
  2. Reigning Blood
  3. Abandoned
  4. Beneath You
  5. Leave Me Alone

This Sicfux release is available right now over at Sicfux.Bigcartel.com. Pick that up by CLICKING HERE.

Not only do you get the EP when you order, you also get:

  • Your CD Signed
  • Signed 8″x10″
  • Signed 12″x18″ Gallery Quality Poster
  • Stickers


Click the link. Click “Add To Cart.” Click “Checkout.” You know the rest…




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