July 20, 2024
12 Guests and Online

Brutal Business Ent – “Anthems From The Asylum”

Brutal Business Ent Presents “Anthems From The Asylum” 
A 12 song exclusive mixtape from BBE. You wont find these tracks on any other project. Pick up your copy today and check out all these amazing songs. This project has something for everyone who likes underground music.

Purchase / stream here: https://brutalbusiness.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-business-ent-anthems-from-the-asylum

  1. Skippy Ickum- Coin Flip
  2. TRoublE- My Language
  3. Ghozt Tha Dmented- Is This War?
  4. Lyrizone- For The Memories
  5. Sic Fist- Save Me
  6. Morbid Sikosis- Womp Womp:GangstaMetal Anthem
  7. 9 Stitch Method- Amongst The Cracks
  8. Demo Demon- Fate
  9. East Koast Craziez- Blackout
  10. Delirious- Abnormal
  11. TRoublE- Come For You feat Skippy Ickum and Ghozt Tha Dmented
  12. DJ GWK- I Think I know What You Want Me To Do feat Patrick McElravy of 9SM




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