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(hed)P.E. – 1/7/09

Faygoluvers: Jahred, nice speaking with you again for the most part how’s life since the release of the ‘D.I.Y. Guys’?

Jahred: life is sweet. I love watching the old structure crumble right before my eyes!!!!

Faygoluvers: What do you anticipate the N.w.O tour to be like?

Jahred: I know it will be the shit. Cuz regardless what happens, it is always a hardcore event. The band is about something, and the people that come to the shows are about something. Not just some dumb ass music.

Faygoluvers: Do you know why it’s strictly a west coast tour?

Jahred: Cuz, we have to shoot to japan, so when we get back, we plan to pick up where we left off.

Faygoluvers: What was the mindset you were in while recroding ‘N.W.O.’?

Jahred: Well, I have been all about secrets for the last five years. I am one of those people who knows that the real story has to be uncovered. The Shadow Government, The Shadow Bankers, these topics cant be found on cable television. These are things you have got to research for yourself, and these things have consumed me for that past five years. And so, in answer to your question, I couldnt wait to use NWO as a platform to release some of the thoughts and info I was feeling.

Faygoluvers: Who all had a part in creating this album.

Jahred: the whole band had their part, but Jaxon and myself provide the templates for each song.

Faygoluvers: Did you ever get the results back for the paternity test on the ‘D.I.Y. Guys’ DVD?

Jahred: yea, but i’d rather let people watch the next episode, so they can see my reaction and stuff. Its fucking priceless. and I think the next episode will really be a fucking riot.

Faygoluvers: Whats your favorite stop to hit while out on tour? Which city stands out most to you?

Jahred: I could not name just one place cuz we get so much love in different towns. For sure Columbus, Cincinnatti, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New Jersey, Sacramento, Orangevale, Detroit, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Baltimore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam.

Faygoluvers: If you could work with an artist live or dead who would it be?

Jahred: Dime Bag Daryl. I’m sure we would have done some shit together, cuz we had a good relationship.

Faygoluvers: How do you feel about the underground scene and how it’s grown to the point it’s at today? Not just metal, but all of it; hip-hop/horrocore/punk rock/metal.

Jahred: Its a blessing. It is my entire life, and I mean that literally. It is my entire existence. It is how i feed my family, my mind and my spirit.

Faygoluvers: If you could change anything in your career would you?

Jahred: Definitely not. I am sure that life is unfolding exactly as it should. Bad tattoos and all!!! Slutty girlfriends, drug abuse…its all part of God’s plan!!!

Faygoluvers: How do you feel about La Coka Nostra signing to Suburban Noize Records?

Jahred: That is the fucking shit!!!!! I just hope hedpe can go on tour with those kids!!!!

Faygoluvers: If given the oppertunity would you guys ever play at the Gathering of the Juggalos?

Jahred: Oh fuck yes. Its no secret that we are fans of the Juggalos. I love the whole movement. it is that type of family vibration that will take us beyond 2012.

Faygoluvers: Are you guys still makin BJ’s life a living hell on the road or you giving the poor man a rest for a little while?

Jahred: I think beejay does it to himself. He’s a nice guy, but you cant control everybody. Product’s life is graffiti, so I feel sorry for anybody who tries to stop him.

Faygoluvers: After I seen the ‘D.I.Y. Guys’ DVD i started noticing Products tag everywhere, I even seen a BJ Smith’s mini me, will there be additions to these already started works?

Jahred: You would have to ask deejay Product, cuz he is so secretive. That’s how he gets away with it!!!! He sneaks off and the next thing you know, we are rolling down the street in the tour bus and we see one of his tags up on a fucking billboard fucking 150 feet up in the air!!!!

Faygoluvers: What lies ahead for the group Hed(PE)?

Jahred: We are sticking to our guns. We will continue to become a force for change and enlightenment. We are starting the Zion Hope Foundation, an organization that will raise money for orphans. We will continue to support Ward 57, which is a fund for injured U.S. soldiers. We will continue to fight for the rights of every earth human.

Feed the hungry, clothe the poor…no big deal…

Interviewer: Whipstick

Interview Date:01/07/09



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