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4 the OGs


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Drive-By is the sideproject consisting of Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa. They came onto the scene with the fan favorite debut EP Pony Down in 2005. 8 years later, they released their second EP, Back on Da Block. The following year, they released their third EP, RunTheseStreets. In keeping with tradition, Drive-By released their fourth EP, titled 4 the OGs (uncertain if the number 4 is a pun or not), in the beginning of 2019. In reference to the various music labels and division among fans, the EP was initially released on the aptly named Juggalo Unity Tour.

1. Intro
2. Fresh on the Scene
3. A Little Crazy
4. Black Dickies
5. In the News Again
6. Shit Gets Real
7. Workin’ Girl

“Intro” makes reference to the Juggalo Unity Tour, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie‘s short yet basic rant sets the scene of the EP clearly. “Fresh on the Scene” is the fundamental Drive-By track. With a consistent low-fi beat and self-described lyrics, this track should be familiar to any listener. Although it simply sounds like a modernized Pony Down track, it’s not a crime to stay in familiar territory, especially to open up the album. “A Little Crazy” slows it down a bit. With a laidback drum pattern and synchronized rattles, it’s another blueprint for the typical Drive-By song. The beat doesn’t change up much, but the quick fades towards the end of the verses is a nice touch. Anybody Killa in particular flows nicely with the laidback beat, steadily matching his vocals to the beat.

“Black Dickies” can be considered a spiritual sequel to the Pony Down track “Black Khakis.” The lyrics, like the mentioned older song, describes the lifestyle and hivemind of Drive-By. The beat itself consists of a patterned piano to match the slow pace of the drum track and yet again, is a good example of any Drive-By track. At this point, the laidback foundations of each song on this EP is obviously the same. It’s in stark contrast, for example, from the diversity of the Esham and Lavel production duo on Pony Down.

“In the News Again” has a broadcast-driven storyline in the song. The typical Drive-By spotlight songs consists of the duo enacting various crime fueled activities, whether they are at fault or not. The beat is even slower than the previous three tracks, and the pace is almost at a grinding halt. Although not terrible, the pace at this point is a bit tiresome. “Shit Gets Real” is a tad more aggressive, thus the namesake. A basic drum track and keyboard line fills the slow paced song, and both Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa sounds more angry than before. Although it doesn’t make a quicker haste of the EP, more emotion is shown in this song than the others. “Workin’ Girl” is a strange choice to use as a closer. It’s a typical sex-driven song, hearkening back to the RunTheseStreets track “Drive-By Love.” This track, like the majority of the EP, is slowed down, and isn’t in any rush whatsoever to end. Drive-By manages to make the hook catchy though, regardless of how simplistic the lyrics are.

Before it’s realized, the EP is already over. Just crawling its way past the 20 minute mark, 4 the OGs is their shortest release yet. Every track has a slow vibe to it with a lot of self-expressive lyrics. Depending on the listener, that could come off as either tiresome or nostalgic; however, the latter may be why this EP is called 4 the OGs. It’s geared towards the hardcore fan, and that goal clearly got accomplished.


  • 20 Minutes 14 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Native World/Grundy/MNE

Release Date:

  • 01/12/2019




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