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No Turning Back Volume 3


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Madecipha is a New Haven, Connecticut native that has not only been dropping albums for years, but also an author and the star of his own paranormal TV show. It seams that what ever the man dreams, he achieves and if you checked out any of his previous albums reviews here on the site you know he’s only getting better.

Besides his TV show, “Ghost Rapper,” and his solo career, he’s also owns and operates Spider Bite Records. Madecipha alongside fellow label mate Xplizt also joined together with Mercy Counts Records artist Freeze for a collaborative project entitled Unlimited Future Objectives (UFO). It was this album that was enough to garner the attention of Psychopathic Records and earn the trio a slot at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Since this Madecipha has had a few releases and this time we’re hear to check out his latest, “No Turning Back Volume 3.” The latest release in this series, like previous entries is a rarities and B-sides album that encompasses a certain period of his career. This time around the series brings us in to more recent years with tracks range from 2012 – 2017.

First, before we even really dive into the tracks themselves, I have to take a moment and mention how much I like the actual CD booklet for this release. I know it seems like a strange thing to mention and no it will in any way effect the overall rating for this album. It’s just that as someone who appreciates holding a physical release in my own hands, as opposed to a digital copy, I love how the liner notes give us a little insight into each track. It really reminds me of the way the booklets were handled for ICP’s Forgotten Freshness releases and although Madecipha doesn’t go in too much detail, it’s just enough to make you feel a little more engrossed in the tracks themselves.

The opening track sets a great tone for the album as we a given, “Patient Zero,” which also features fellow UFO member Freeze. This track has a great horror theme that Madecipha opens up with sensational visual lyricism and set the way for a furious verse as Freeze drops in to finish things off. It’s another great example of how well these two artists work so well together. Thankfully, we also get tracks like “General Kael (Original Mix)” and “Elevation”, the latter of which is a UFO track from Xplizt‘s “Word Vomit” EP. As I’m sure even Madecipha will tell you, look for Xplizt‘s next release to be coming soon from Spider Bite Records.

No Turning Back Volume 3” also features a few bangers that were intended to be featured on his “Arapnophobia” album, but for one reason or another didn’t make the cut. One of these tracks, “Max Ripper,” is actually a diss track, but sits nicely in this collection. The beat comes in nice and slowly, but the bass kicks ups in time with Madecipha‘s furious entry. This track is definitely a standout, personal track and it’s dissapointing that this was cut from “Arapnophobia.” Thankfully, we get a chance to hear this hard hitter on release like this.

Another more personal track on this album that really is 2017’s, “Based on a true story,” and really shows an in depth into the raw feelings on a man suffering. Telling the story of a girl he had known since childhood and began dating left him for her heroin addict ex. The verses display an aggressive style along a more up tempo beat and this two pair together perfectly for the theme on this track. Although the verses are solid, for me it’s the hook that shows some real versatility from Madecipha as he switches his style up and hits perfectly with the change up in the beat.

Although this is a rarities and B-sides release, it has too many great tracks to name. I didn’t even mention the track from Bizarre and Fury‘s “Something Awful” release yet. This beat is a solid banger that features Bizarre, Fury, Sean Strange, Madecipha and Bizzy Bone. On top of everything else, this track takes the top crown for me on this album and everyone brings their best lyrical skills. It’s also a nice touch that the hook is a laid back take on some classic Eazy E rhymes.

There are some uneven parts to the album though, but that is to be expected with the fact that these tracks either came from other artists releases or were simply never to be released to begin with. Besides this slight issue, this a solid release that gives us some tracks that were destined to see the light of the day and showcase Madecipha in a number of different styles. Everything from deeply personal to horrorcore viciousness is on display and it brings everything together in a nice package. A fitting way deliver a new entry in the “No Turning Back” series.

So, while “No Turning Back Volume 3,” isn’t the best Madecipha has to offer, it definitely has some hidden gems like most releases of this type. If you’re a fan of his music, this will definitely be one worth picking up to tide you over until we hear some fresh new material. Even if you’re just new to Madecipha‘s music, this could be a great place to start as it gives you a wide variety that showcases his evolving style and some amazing features too.

Whether you’re looking to add to you Spider Bite Records collection or searching for a place to begin this is an album that is certainly worth the measly $10 price tag.

Record Label:

  • Spider Bite Records

Release Date:

  • 02/06/2018





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