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Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 is a Role-Playing Shooter game taking place hundreds of years after a nuclear war that left the United States in shambles. The player creates his/her character in an interesting opening sequence where the player’s character is being born. The player then proceeds to go on living their life in a Vault, an underground bomb-shelter used to house people during the nuclear war. After a few tutorial quests in the vault, the player turns 18 and his/her father escapes from the Vault. This leads to a huge riot and the player eventually leaves the safety of the Vault and enters the Capital Wasteland. The Capital Wasteland is an enormous landscape that is based in the ruins of Washington DC. In Fallout 3 players can witness the Lincoln Memorial, a cult that worships a living tree, a town consisting of only children, mutated creatures & humans, and much more.

Pros: The creators of Fallout 3 have successfully created a video game that is rich in story, has countless memorable moments and quests, establishes a whole new universe that has a ton of backstory, and allows players to have hours upon hours of fun (depending on if you find trying to survive in a wasteland fun or not). The game’s graphics aren’t outstanding but the look of the wasteland is memorable and has an eerie feel. Like many other new RPGs, Fallout 3 allows the player to make choices that directly effect the story and the world around him/her, this makes everyones game a little different and adds a new level of immersion to the game.

Cons: Like many other Bethesda Softworks video games, there are some weird bugs, odd face models, and stiff characters. Fallout 3 introduces a new fighting system called V.A.T.S.(Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) which is an targeting system that stops the game and allows the player to select which enemy and determine which part of it’s body to attack.  This is a neat concept and is pretty fun sometimes but it significantly slows down the already slow pacing of the game (and who wants to play a game where the game kills for you?).

Fallout 3 has won over 10 awards and has had positive reviews all across the board, all rightfully deserved. The release of Fallout 3 was a breath of fresh air into the gaming industry. If it wasn’t for some bugs, bad textures, and sometimes slow pace of the game Fallout would be a nearly perfect game. While it isn’t a masterpiece, it is a great game and has helped create a new standard of RPG storytelling and gameplay.


  • Bethesda Softworks


  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • PC


  • M

Release Date:

  • 10/28/2008





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