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Dead Rising 2

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Dead Rising 2 takes place five years after the original Dead Rising. You are Chuck Greene, a former motorcross champ and participant on a reality game show called “Terror Is Reality”, where players compete for money, fame and the sheer hell of it. Chuck is competing to gain funds to purchase more “Zombrex” for his daughter Katie, who was bitten by her mother-turned-zombie. At the beginning of the story, Chuck is framed for a zombie outbreak. You must continue to nab your daughter’s medication and rescue survivors for 72 hours until the military arrives and prove your innocence.

To start, anyone that has played and loved the original “Dead Rising” should remember what a pain in the ass the game’s save system was, only having ONE save slot. That’s gone. You will now have three game save slots and a lot more save spots all over the game map. Gamers may also remember how difficult it was keeping up with survivors and getting them to follow you back to safety. This too has also been improved quite a bit. However, some characters will still make you want to just leave them there for a zombie’s lunch. The bosses, survivors who went nuts from the zombie outbreak, as in the first Dead Rising are still rampant. With the implementation of the weapon combos, boss fights have become a bit more fun and at times stressful. There are new costumes that you can download that may offer some assistance in your zombie killing. I myself am sporting the “Psycho” outfit, which allows me to take less damage. Everyone else I know playing chose the “Ninja” outfit, which gives you more speed and makes your character more difficult for zombies to grab.

Something that might entice newbies to check this title out is the ability to combine certain items into weapons of mass destruction. For example, my favorite weapons are a baseball bat studded with nails and the “defiler”, a sledgehammer duct taped to a fire axe. Unlike other zombie games like Resident Evil, where zombies are scattered sporadically, there can be over 7000 zombies on screen at any one time, which can make things a little nerve racking.

For you multiplayer freaks out there, there’s a nice mode for ya’ll too. You play against three other players in “Terror is Reality”. Think of it as “American Gladiators” with the zombie element. There are several different games to compete in including “Zomboni”, “Bounty Hunter” & “Slicecycle”. The winner who has the most points walks away with the money, which you can cash in to use during the main story campaign.

For anyone who is as sick of paying $60 for video games, only to beat them in a week, have no fear. There are multiple endings to the game and a lot of different stuff to do. All of the XP and money that you gain in each play will carry over to a new game.

Not going to bullshit ya. LOAD TIMES can be ridiculous in some spots. For me, this was my one gripe with Dead Rising 2. Load screens usually come up when entering/exiting a building or when a cut scene or boss fight occur. Sometimes you can run and make a sandwich during load screens.



  • Capcom / Blue Castle Games


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Release Date:

  • 09/28/2010


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