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Hotline Miami

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The video game Hotline Miami is a great new top down shooter with 2-dimensional and 8-bit graphics. The game actually looks very good. It has vivid colors, great attention to detail, and good level design where all the set pieces seem to be meticulously placed and not just thrown together. The game play is rather simple and surprisingly fun; Choose a level, pick a Mask, and kill everyone that you see.

The story is fantastically dark and twisted. The main character is an unknown man (who the players have named Jacket due to the letterman jacket that he wears) who is, apparently, a serial killer who is becoming increasingly more insane as the story progresses. Hotline Miami has a entirely linear story line however the AI of the enemies react different each time that you encounter them and the weapons that are around the level are randomized.

Points are earned in each level and they are used to unlock new masks that provide different effects (such as the ability to insta-kill enemies by hitting them with doors, moving faster, finding more guns, etc) and new weapons (like samurai swords, silenced pistols, and more). There is a total of 25 unlockable masks and 35 weapons.

The game is known for it’s substantial amount of gratuitous violence, which I find to be quite awesome because of how completely absurd and over-the-top it is. Back when all video games were 8-bit and 2-D I’m sure we all wished that there was a game like this; a fast paced, bloody game with plenty of mindless violence (who doesn’t love that?).

There are a few things that are disappointing about the game. It is rather short with a minimum of 2 hours and 40 minutes of game play (max of 5 hours); Some of the levels are ridiculously short, with only one or two floors of a building that you need to clear before you’re finished; and you may occasionally go into the horrible circle of dying and retrying.

Despite it’s flaws the game is immensely fun and you’ll be receiving a great game for a price of only $10. Do yourself a favor and go play Hotline Miami.


  • Dennaton


  • PC


  • M

Release Date:

  • 10/23/2012





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