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The Godfather

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First off I’d like to say The Godfather was the best movie ever HANDS DOWN. Don’t bother arguing about it, its fact. So being the best movie ever I giddy as a school girl when I heard they were making a game. (Yeah that’s right I won’t lie) Even more so when I heard they actually got Marlon Brando’s voice. That sealed the deal for me. Now here’s how you do it right, Electronic Arts managed to acquire the rights to use the following voices: Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and James Caan. Now that\’s impressive, they definitely went all out and didn’t half ass it like Eidos Interactive did with Reservoir Dogs.

So after I bought this game I installed it immediately. Now the standard with movie games is NONE of them really have replay value. So I didn’t bother to expect it. However I can say this game took me over 40 hours to get to 98% with the only thing I failed to complete is finding all the movie clips. These clips show scenes from the movie, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

I paid $45.00 for the game and do not regret it at all. Right now on, The Godfather is only 14.98! There is no reason you shouldn’t pick this up. Think about it, 40-50 hours of entertainment for only 15 bucks! That’s a mere 30 cents per hour!

That’s definitely an offer you CAN’T refuse! (You knew that one was coming) God I should be a salesman. Anyways now on to the game.

You start off the game as a new recruit to the family. Your father is killed and the Godfather offers you revenge when the time comes. Luca Brasi helps you out of a beating and now you’re a member of the family. You can do jobs for different higher ranking family members or take business out for profit, you are going to need to do both at some point. Take this advice from me, blow the safes in each business when you take them over. It will be a huge pain if you don’t. With that out of the way you can also extort rackets in the businesses for even more money. Get rich quick and move through the ranks of the family and eventually make Don of The Corleone family. After that there’s only one thing better, Don of New York. Its all yours for the taking.

The game offers several classic weapons such as a Tommy gun, Colt 1911, S&W revolver, shotgun and more. Each of the weapons have two upgrades you can buy. They are marked on your map, gold being the best. They are pretty costly though so it may take a while for you to be able to acquire them. Advancing in the ranks will lessen the amount of the cut you give the Godfather.

Taking over businesses means your going to have to go up against the other families. If you start fights with the same family too many times you end up in a mob war. This means the family you are at war with will shoot on site. The easiest way to end this is paying off an FBI agent. However you can blow up two of their businesses to end it. To take over an entire family you have to take their compound, which is not easy. You will notice their compounds are road blocked, once you manage getting through that you have all the guards in the front. They have two locations on their compound you need to bomb, once you bomb both places you have eliminated that family.

The story is perfect, and the voices have you feeling like you are watching the movie again. There isn’t really too many downsides to this game really. I guess you could say it might get repetitive after a while. Also there isn’t any online play for this. But the game had me wanting more at the end of it. So I have to say they did a great job with this game. Hands down the best movie game yet. I haven’t played the Scarface game yet, probably pick that up soon.

Another great thing about this game is the character customization. Being that you are a new recruit you can choose how you look. This also weighs in on the fact that you weren’t in the movie. Buying nicer clothing also gives you respect. After all having a nice suit does indeed make you look a lot more respectable. Your leveling is based on respect. You can earn this by taking over other families businesses. Or sometimes even by just killing a certain number of opposing family members. Something you might not notice is you can high jack there money in delivery trucks. Kill all the people in the truck and one of them will drop the money. Robbing banks is also a great way to earn money and get respect. Sometimes they will have up to $20,000. Get that money back to your hide out and you’ve netted yourself a nice sum of money.

The Bottom Line: At the low price of fifteen bucks this is definitely one game you don’t want to pass up. Electronic Arts definitely did it the way it should be done. This should be an example for the rest of the companies out there. I won’t give away anything more.



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  • 03/21/2006


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