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Reservoir Dogs

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Ok as I stated in my review of Hitman Blood Money, I am NOT a fan of Eidos Interactive. Here is a great reason why. They have done many poor and sub standard games. The only thing saving face for them is the Hitman series. However I am a huge Movie fan. Now I’ve played godfather which ill review probably tomorrow. It wasn’t bad at all. So I had hopes for Reservoir dogs. One of the key things in a movie game is the voices. I’m looking for the original actors to do the voices. Godfather Managed to get Brando’s voice *may he rest in piece* and several other voices. Eidos only got Madsen’s voice for this game. This wasn’t enough to save face.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I am a huge fan of Reservoir dogs. I’ve seen the movie countless amounts of times. So once I launched the game I figured it’d be pretty decent. Boy was I wrong. The game is absolutely horrible. I couldn’t even bare to play half of the levels. It doesn’t even start off good. This game is so horrible ill probably end up spoiling half of it. But believe me it’s for the better that you don’t waste your time on this horrible suckfest. First off the game Is too short. It took me about 6-7 hours to beat it. Also it has minimal replay value. It does tell the story of how Mr. Pink, Orange, Blue, Blonde, White and Nice guy Eddie got through the robbery. However the story it tells is hardly believable. Through each mission you end up shooting through 20-30 guys at times. Very unrealistic and you have minimal problems doing it.

The Voice of Mr. Pink is so far off its pathetic. I couldn’t stand his high pitched voice. They didn’t even bother to get his facial hair right. They chose to only give him a mustache. In the movie he has a goatee as well. Mr. Orange’s voice is quite off as well. There are two Mr. Blonde levels; they are the only ones worth playing. Michael Madsen shouldn’t have lent his voice to this piece of sh*t. I mean the first level starts off with you playing Mr. Orange and you are paintballing the others.

Yeah it’s that sad. Not only did Mr. Pink not look even close to Steve Buscemi, Mr. White did NOT look like Harvey Keitel either. Movies that are made into games take a big risk its usually either hit or miss. This was a BIG miss on just about every aspect they tried for. His voice wasn’t half as bad as Mr. Pink’s but it wasnt Harvey Keitel’s voice either. Being authentic with these type of games is a big part of a successful game. This wasn’t authentic at all.

Looking at they are doing a game for the movie Heat. I am also a big fan of that movie, which no doubt they will screw it up too. Take my advice; games made off of movies are pretty much doomed from the start. None of them have any replay value to them at all. Many of these developers fail to get the rights to use voices. This means actors usually can tell they won’t do a good job and refuse. Then they are forced to get other people to do the voices and its never the same.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this! Do not waste your money. You WILL be disappointed, in fact I wish I would’ve never played this game. I kept thinking it has to get better soon. It never does, it only gets worse. If there was a good thing to say about this game, I guess I’d go with the fact that it did have Mr. Blonde with Madsen’s voice in it. Thats about the extent of pluses to this game. This game is so bad it doesnt even deserve my time reviewing it. But it sucked so bad I just had to review it so no one buys this. I could go on all day at how horrible they did with this game but I think you get the point.



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Release Date:

  • 02/21/2006


  • Bill


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