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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

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So as I sit there on a roof of a map called highrise on call of duty modern warfare 2, I do what those who play call of duty modern warfare 2 call a quick scope across the map, its then I receive news that triarch is working on a new call of duty the name was to be called “Call of duty black ops.”

Call of Duty Black ops is said to be named the game of the year. I had high hopes for it when I waited 6 months for it to be released. I went six months with no Faygo to play this game. Now don’t get me wrong it is a great game I will get into the pros and cons later.

An epic story mode made the game worthwhile. Since Triarch made this game, they had to bring back the famous zombie mode that they had in “Call of Duty – World at War”. Zombie mode is guaranteed to make you go deaf or horse depending on if you are screaming or listening to your homie scream. Set in the cold war, the game has a lot of weapons that were used during that time. With a wide Variety of weapons to choose on the multiplayer, the game seems to never get boring as you’re testing your skill with each weapon. Those who are acquainted with the Halo series will remember on Halo 3 they had a lot of customization and a theatre mode were you could go and watch your games after you played them. Well it seems the guys over at Triarch decided to take that page from Halo.

They added customization to Call of Duty Black Ops. There idea was to take out what had been in the Call of Duty series before and that was unlock able weapons and attachments only. They made it so you did not have to wait to be level 50 to get that AK-47 with extended mags.Now you do have to unlock the weapons at certain levels but once the weapon is unlocked it’s up to you to buy them and any attachments available, unlike in call of duty modern warfare 2, where you had to get 50+ kills with a different attachment. Now you’re thinking “wait genocide I got to BUY my weapons and attachments’?” In Call of Duty Black Ops, Triarch developed a currency system. Every match will give you money. The better the score the more money or C.O.D. (call of duty) points you get.

Instead of challenges that were in all of the Call of duty games, they have what they call contracts. You buy your contracts; if you complete them you get some XP and some C.O.D. Points. Now another think about the multiplayer is the difference in prestige levels. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 you had 10 prestige levels to get to. In Black Ops you have 15 prestige levels to get to, but don’t worry your pretty little head, you only have to get to level 50 in order to prestige.

Also call of duty black ops offers face paint, that’s right juggalos! I have yet to mess with the face paint but I have noticed a few people wearing face paint that resembles the scarecrow himself, Boondox. Now the downside to the multiplayer is the graphics themselves resemble the last Triarch game that was in the Call of Duty series. Yet on the story mode itself, the graphics are amazing. From the breathtaking scenery to the actual battle fields it is by far the best graphics I have seen in a story mode.Triarch has done a great job at patching the bugs in the game as they appear. I myself have found a few and woke up the next morning to notice they’re not there anymore.

Last but not least is the wager matches in multiplayer; you have the choice of 4 different games. One in the chamber is where you have a pistol with one bullet, if you hit you kill them, if you miss you are forced to use your knife. With every kill you get another bullet. Player with the most kills win. Next is gun game. It is where you go through every gun in the game. Starting with pistols you work your way up, in order to get the next gun u must get one kill each, many think camping is a easy way to do this but if you get knifed you are set back a gun. The first to make a kill with the last weapon the ballistics knife wins. Next you have Sharp shooter, it is after a set time everyone’s weapons are changed, once again, the one with the most kills wins. Finally you have sticks and stones. You only have a crossbow and ballistics knife. The more kills you get the higher it moves you up and the more money you gain. If you get knifed you are bankrupted and sent to the end of the list.

Overall this is the best out of all the call of duty games. I recommend you ninjas go get this as soon as possible. Now it’s once again time for the scores.




  • Treyarch


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Release Date:

  • 11/09/2010


  • Genocide


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  1. twiztidfever23


    Comment posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 12:16 pm GMT -6 at 12:16 pm

    epic game best cod ive ever played imo, love the zombies and the multiplayer is insane gotta love it

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