February 2, 2023
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Family News

Lonnie “Dr. Ax” Mason Loses Battle with Brain Cancer.

Juggalos and Juggalettes…it is with a heavy heart that I bring to you some absolutely terrible news.  If you’ve been coming to Faygoluvers for more

Juggalo David Lee Fiander (aka “Dodo”) Passes Away

Our homie Steven Eli sent us some really unfortunate news about a homie of his. A ninja named David Lee Fiander succumbed to a long-standing

Yahoo! profiles the “Tight-knit, often-misunderstood world of Juggalos”

Yesterday, Yahoo! Lifestyle showed love to Juggalos with an article and 5 minute video profile.  We’re going to post the article below, but trust me,

Allen Hale Thanks Juggalos for Support after Critical Injury

Alright Juggalos, with this being Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to share a story of thanks that just landed in my inbox this week.  I’m not

Tom Wood Fantasy Art 25% Off Black Friday Sale!

Our super talented homie Tom Wood has a sale going on throughout this Black Friday weekend!  If you’ve had your eye on a Joker’s card

Help Brian the Northbay Ninja Rebuild!

I don’t know how many of you Juggalos know Northbay Ninja, but he’s one of the nicest ninjas that you’ll ever meet.  He lives in

NewNowNext.com: “I’m a Fat Queer Woman Who Found My Chosen Family Among The Juggalos”

We got hit up by our homie Kitty Stryker who wrote a new article about her first experience with Juggalos.  Now, if you’re not familiar

Rude Boy Interviewed by Rasslin Rage!

Our homie The Rude Boy just got to speak with the Rasslin Rage Podcast for about 45 minutes!  During this interview, he speaks on how

Detroit’s Metro Times publishes 2019 Hallowicked Photos

Our homie Josh Justice from the Detroit Metro Times published over 80 photos from this year’s Hallowicked just over a week ago.  Yes, you may

Death in the Juggalo Family: Tonya “Syko” Short Passes Away

Our homie -KM- hit us up with some tragic news from a few days ago.  A Juggalette named Tonya “Syko” Short unfortunately and unexpectedly passed

Charity Show for Matt Sprau Announced featuring Project Born, Konspiracy Kamp, more!

Our homies from Konspiracy Rekords sent some info over about a show happening next month in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Over the summer, Matt was unfortunately diagnosed

Kegan “The CreepAss” Releases “1st Day in the Trap” Single ft. DJ Clay, Ouija! Bundles Now Available!

Our homie Kegan “The CreepAss” just put out a new rap single called “1st Day In The Trap”.  Yes, you read that right.  Kegan, who

Juggalo Firefighter Mark Taylor Seriously Injured after House Collapses

We received an email that I think is well worth spreading the word about.  A Juggalo and HERO named Mark Taylor was one of four

Update on Petition to get ICP into the WWE Hall of Fame!

We got hit up by a ninja named Young Che who has poured a lot of time and effort into his attempts to get the

Rob Welch (of Damienz Dezign), Juggalo and Father, passes away

We got hit up by a Juggalo named ESTO630 about some tragic news.  A homie to him and many others, Rob Welch, has unexpectedly passed