February 2, 2023
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Morton’s List: Devil’s Night Quest happens Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night, those of you who love one of the most controversial games ever released will have a chance to participate in it virtually!  Morton’s List

JCW Mourns Another Legend Gone – R.I.P. Tracy Smothers

Back in 2019 Tracy Smothers announced he was battling Lymphoma and after a treacherous battle, the wrestling world has lost Tracy Smothers at the age

The Ugly Juggalos Podcast Costume Contest!

Ninjas and ninjettes, los and lettes–ugly, fugly, grotesque and hideous yet succulent juggalos worldwide. Are you ugly? Do you not care that you’re ugly? Do

Juggalo Survey: Answer 12 Questions for upcoming Book about Subcultures

A freelance writer by the name of Tea Krulos is in the middle of writing a book that studies subcultures, social movements, and other fandoms during

Lucas Gessel, a 28 year-old Juggalo, has passed away

It is always tough to post about losing a member of the Juggalo Family, but they deserve to have their last respects. We received an

The Redheaded Stepchild Podcast interviews Scottie D from Faygoluvers

I always hate writing shit about me, but since I seem to be the only one posting lately, here I am!  My homie Arron aka

Get Tom Wood’s IG (@tomwoodfantasyart) up to 7,500 followers to reveal his Newest ICP Artwork!

Alright Juggalos and Juggalettes….we’re on a mission.  Our homie Tom Wood is hovering right around 5,000 Instagram Followers on his @tomwoodfantasyart account.  He has promised to reveal the

Mars to be featured on Roku’s Signature Seriez Network!

As we said last week, our homie LBSickning has his own show on Roku TV on the Signature Seriez Network! This week, legendary horrorcore artist Mars will be featured with

J-Webb Releases “Purple Bananas” Autobiography depicting his time with ICP, love of Prince, and more!

Our homie Jason Webber, better known to Juggalos as former Psychopathic Records PR guru J-Webb, has taken the past several months of his life to put

Scrub Hop Talk Debuts with Interview with FLH’s own Scottie D!

I’m not one to type an article about myself, but I had such a great time being a part of this show last night that

Comedian Ron Funches reps ICP Shirt on his “Gettin’ Better” Podcast

On a recent episode of comedian/actor Ron Funches podcast, “Gettin’ Better”, he was sporting the “Fuck Your Rebel Flag” t-shirt that can still be purchased at PsychopathicMerch.com. I have

Gathering Alternatives Happening THIS WEEKEND!

As much as it sucks to say, this week would have been the week that we all piled into the Nelson Ledges Quarry Park for the 21st

Watch the Ugly Juggalos Podcast Saturday, August 8th!

Whaddup ninjas! As you know, this weekend would have been the Gathering of the Juggalos, had COVID not ripped through the world like a whirlwind

Scrub Care Unit creates Safe Haven for Juggalo/Lette Victims

If you’ve been on social media for these past few days, you may have seen a lot of Juggalos sharing stories about some disgusting incidents

OH! The Horror Releases ” Halloween 365 ” Available Now

Today is the day that OH! The Horror has released their new album HALLOWEEN 365. The album is 12 hard hitting tracks from start to