September 29, 2023
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Joshua “Nappy J” Schiermeyer Has Passed Away

We have been in touch with the Kathrine Schiermeyer, wife of Joshua “Nappy J” Schiermeyer who had unfortunate news to share with us. Nappy J passed suddenly after his Kathrine woke up hearing Josh making an abnormal snoring sound.  She quickly called 911, and paramedics attempted CPR for several minutes, but ultimately he didn’t make it.

Nappy J was only 46 years old and was described as a loving, devoted husband and amazing artist and writer.

Kathrine and the rest of his family are understandably devastated, and are doing their best to cope with his loss.

Along with the emotional loss, the financial loss is a huge burden too.  They have setup a GoFundMe to help raise money for his funeral expenses which you can see here:

Our thoughts go out to the Schiermeyer family and all of Nappy J’s friends and extended family.  Much love and respect.


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