March 20, 2023
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Kilted Weirdo releases New Book: “Poetry from an Insane Mind”

I’ve been in contact with a ninja who calls himself the Kilted Weirdo for several weeks now, and he’s been showing me a bunch of his poetic works that he’s been working on.  He’s got HUNDREDS of poems that he has compiled into a book that you can now get a hard copy of!

The book is called “Poetry from an Insane Mind”, and it’s nearly 400 pages of poems!  You can tell that he put a ton of work into this, so if you’d like to support him, I’ll tell you how to do so in a second.  First, check the description straight from Amazon below.



Hi there, Kilted Weirdo here. And let’s be clear, I am a poet who is insane, by the time you hear my chimes, you’ll think the same. I show how I grew, how Golden Hearts can be weighted down and turned cold, how the devil uses his revel and rivalry to mettle with your heart and mind with The Bold, but they are also fought for by the divine! I use truth spoken, from this broken token, to help lead you to be awoken. As I know Love Can Heal, and I hear and answer that Call For Equality Being Cried, do to Politician’s Lies, and the beating of the War Drums…. And I know how sometimes you just have to Let Sheep Sleep, because that calamity Within Insanity of humanities plight, takes a hero to show, as I show with Hero Shit like Hero’s Curse, Hero’s Rest, and Hero’s low… And no, I am Not The Mad Hatter, but you will find yourself glad not mad, unless my words drive you there, with poetic flare, to care enough to put your heart on your sleeve and do your good deeds. Btw, careful of the Karen steadily flaring and staring as I prep my hecklers for war, Named off of 3d or 9, But the hecklers start in “not 3d nor 9, this is a different rhyme”…. I know, insanity at it’s peak is calamity being shown it’s weak by people choosing to turn the other cheek. But no lie, sometimes life calls for “an eye for an eye.” Are you ready to see the world though a different set of eyes? A set that sees the world as Comically Conundrum?

You can get his 400 page book for only $19.99 at this link:



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