September 27, 2023
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Scrub Care Unit Requests Donations for Gathering of Dreams!

Juggalos and Juggalettes…it’s that time again!  We’re just about TWO WEEKS away from the Gathering of the Juggalos, and that means that our homies from the Scrub Care Unit are gonna be onsite to make sure that no Juggalo in need goes without help!

Obviously helping ninjas out isn’t free, so they’re asking for those of you who are more fortunate to help with donations of food, towels, toiletries, or cold hard cash!

The Scrub Care Unit is a legit nonprofit 501c3 organization, and ran by some of the dopest Juggalos you’ll ever meet.  Take it from me…your donations will NOT go to waste.

Now here’s the info they wanted us to help get out there:

Gathering – here we come!!!

Looking forward to seeing all you ninjas again!

Anyone interested in donating or helping SCU, we do need the following:
– easy to open canned goods (like ravioli or spaghetti-o’s)
– body towels (don’t have to be perfect towels, just clean please)
– bread
– hot dogs/hamburgers
– water
– donations of any amount (all will be used to help as much as possible).

Also, SCU members will be helping out this year with the handicap shuttle… if you or your ninjas going to the G need help getting from the parking lot to your campsite – hit me or John Shaw up in IM to make arrangements. Need help setting up your site? Need some help getting around?? Hit us up so we can connect with you!! Please, share with anyone that have need!!!

As always, SCU here to help ninjas best we can…

Swing by and give us a hug, “WHOOP WHOOP”, and a chance to see all you beautiful ninjas again!!

Give as much as you can and let’s make sure Juggalos are able to make it through another year at the Gathering!



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