March 21, 2023
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Juggalo Firefighter Mark Taylor Seriously Injured after House Collapses

We received an email that I think is well worth spreading the word about.  A Juggalo and HERO named Mark Taylor was one of four firefighters who were doing their jobs yesterday when the roof collapsed and trapped them inside.  They all survived, but some were left with serious injuries.  Two of the more critical cases were Mark Taylor and Alex Rodriguez.  They are both hospitalized for an unknown amount of time, but are alive and recovering.

Check out the details from the GoFundMe page below.


Mark Taylor and Alex Rodriguez were fighting a fire yesterday, when the roof collapsed trapping them and other fire fighters inside. They survived miraculously but, suffered some severe burns and other injuries.  They will be in the hospital for an extended time getting surgeries and recovering.

He does a ton for everyone he knows, which seemingly is everyone. Walk around Detroit with him some day. You’d think he was Kwame Kilpatrick.

He is a devoted father of four and great family man.

Also the president and  fundraiser for the DFD  clownteam

If you can give a little to help, please do, we all know Mark would

There was also an update from the GoFundMe page earlier today:

The families wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support. Mark will remain hospitalized for an unknown amount of time as they continue to assess the burns and move forward with surgeries. He underwent his first surgery yesterday and the burns were more extensive than they originally thought. Megan said the family is so appreciative and touched by all the support and thanks everyone that has donated. It is a huge stress relief to know that some of the rising medical costs will be covered and funds will be available to purchase a new bed for Mark’s comfort and recovery when he gets home and all the medical supplies he will need as well as help to cover transportation costs so that the family can be there to support him as best as they can. While Mark has a long road ahead, I hear he is determined to get back on a fire truck and do what he loves as soon as he is able! Thanks again!

To follow Mark and Alex’s progress, and possibly donate to the cause, you can go to this link:

Here’s to a speedy recovery to all involved, and thank you for being so selfless!



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