November 28, 2022
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(HED) P.E. Adds Sept/Oct Tour Dates!

Suburban Noize Records recently announced that the metallic hip-hop punk rockers (Hed) P.E. have added new tour dates for September and October! Peep them below

** UPDATED** Hed PE Releasing Remix Of Bartender & Joint EP With Dropout Kings

Nu metal, punk rock, hip hop, hardcore, reggae… they do it all, and they blend it like nobody else. I’m talking about none other than

Claas Announces This Is Revenge Release Date & Merch Bundles

The homie Claas is definitely one of the hardest working dudes in the underground, and 2022 is going to be no different for the LSP

King Iso Releasing Get Well Soon 1.21.22

Strange Music Juggernaut, King Iso is set to release his next album, ‘Get Well Soon’ on 1.21.22. We don’t know much about the album yet,

Shade-Heka Comes Correct Alongside Chapter 17’s Devereauxx & Dj Chunk

Shade-Heka is a name that has been popping up all over the juggalo underground! After securing not 1, but 2 wins on Team MUJ’s popular

Politicize Drops One Sheet For His Upcoming Album “Riot” Featuring Shaggy 2 Dope, Kung Fu Vampire, & More!

What’s up Juggalos and lettes? The homie Politicize just dropped some super fresh info about his upcoming release titled, “Riot”. The album features special guest

BeyondTopSecret Release New Album

The 1st installment of The NutHouse album series by BeyondTopSecret is finally here. Featuring 9 songs sure to raise THE DEAD! Featuring group members Mr.

Wicked Wood Merch Drop for Grave and Cray’s Excellent Adventure

Wiked Wood recently made appearances on CarnivalSpirits’ The BeastMasteR Show and The Hours of Chaos, the latter of which they revealed a brand new t-shirt

ill e. gal brings Dark Carnival Tarot Reading to CarnivalSpirits

The ILLEGALAXY and CarnivalSpirits have joined forces! ill e. gal debuted her first video on CarnivalSpirits YouTube channel this week on Juggalo Day with her

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The Calm Before The Finale! | The Palcast | Episode #51

Shade Interviewed By Midwest United Juggalos

For all things related to Shade, make sure to hit up

Wickedly Beautiful Ninjettes 2021 Calendar Print Giveaway by CarnivalSpirits

CarnivalSpirits and Wickedly Beautiful Ninjettes have teamed up for a free calendar print giveaway. Here are the official details… Enter to Win a FREE WBN

Alla Xul Elu – Mask Made Me Do It (Official Music Video)

Mumm-Ra – “Unleashed!!!” (Official Video)